3 Fresh Ideas for Bathroom Cabinetry

If you’re considering refreshing parts of your home, changing your cabinets can have a big impact. If you don’t know about kitchen cabinets, you should do some research before making any decisions. Look for inspiration online. Depending on your budget, you might consider custom replacement kitchen cabinet doors. They’ll cost more, but you’ll be able to get doors that fit your needs and your home’s aesthetic perfectly. If this is something you’re interested in, cabinet services at a designer kitchen and bath home depot can help you.


If you’re on a budget, you’ll likely be looking for cheap cabinet doors and drawers. Thankfully, this doesn’t mean you have to settle for something that is ugly. There are many options available in a variety of styles and colors. If you find one you like, you can always customize it more on your own. This approach takes some more negotiation and work on your end, but it will save you money. It can be worth the extra time if it means saving money while also getting a great result.

Bathroom vanities chicago

When it comes to bathroom design, custom bathroom vanities are the single biggest way to make an impact. It’s true that custom wood cabinets cost more than prefabricated vanities. But a custom piece adds value and character to your home. And you may even get quite a bit of what you spend back, since buyers regularly pay more for houses with renovated kitchens and bathrooms.

1. Floor-to-Ceiling Built Ins

One of the biggest advantages of custom wood bathroom cabinets is having them perfectly sized to your space. Why not play that feature up by creating an entire built-in, so your vanity becomes a fixed architectural feature for your home? This is a design element seen more frequently with custom wood kitchen cabinets, but it works just as well in other rooms.

Combine lower and upper cabinetry, shelving, and drawers into one cohesive unit. Top it off with crown molding for a formal look. If you want to keep the piece from feeling heavy or overwhelming, try painting it white instead of using a dark stain.

Since you’ll have plenty of storage space, you can get creative with some compartments. Instead of a drawer or cupboard on the very bottom, for example, you can install a pull-out stool so even little ones can easily wash their hands.

2. Delicate Freestanding Furniture

In smaller bathrooms that could be easily overwhelmed by clunky cabinetry, opt for a more delicate freestanding style. These vanities look like furniture pieces, and give a classic and elegant feel to a bathroom.

You can even model your bathroom vanity on an old-fashioned dressing-table, with an attached oval mirror. Both traditional undermount sinks and vessel sinks (which sit on top of the counter) work well with this style.

3. Modern Floating Look

If minimal is more your speed, consider keeping your custom cabinetry in one sleek, horizontal line. Instead of having a kick plate installed, have the cabinets affixed directly to the wall so it appears as if the entire unit is defying gravity.

This look can be accentuated by a low countertop. And by not having any upper cabinetry, the countertop can be particularly useful if you like to spread out your products.

There are approximately 8,336 businesses in the United States that create and install vanities and cabinets, so it shouldn’t be tough to get exactly what you want. What would you choose if you could have any kind of custom wood bathroom cabinets you wanted? Share in the comments.

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