4 Tips for Buying and Storing Power Tools

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If you don’t run a garage, you probably don’t have a lot of auto body tools and supplies, and if you don’t have a home remodeling business, you may lack tools for various inside and outside projects. Looking at retail prices, you may have despaired of being able to afford the tools you need for all the projects you’d like to tackle yourself.
The good news is that buying wholesale hand tools or wholesale power tools can significantly lower prices even for regular customers, giving you the ability to take on projects whenever you’d like. Here are some tips for selecting and storing your tools if you’re just getting started.

  1. Buy Respectable Brands
    When you’re new to buying tools, it can be tempting to buy the cheapest ones available. But not only will these cheaper power tools fail more quickly, they’ll make your projects more difficult and discourage you from taking on new projects and continually expanding your skills. Stick to well-known brands, such as Kawasaki power tools, or ask professionals for recommendations.
  2. Clean Your Tools Immediately
    Once you’ve invested in high-quality tools, you can extend their lifespan by immediately caring for them after use. Remove covers and guards (once the tool is unplugged) and clean away any debris. If the tool requires oiling—you can check in the owner’s manual if you’re unsure—do that before putting it away.
  3. Keep Your Tools Dry
    Power tools should always be kept in a dry, sheltered place such as a well-kept garage or shed. If you store tools in your basement, ensure that it is waterproofed and will not flood during the winter, when your tools are likely to be in storage.
  4. Keep Your Tools Organized
    Having your power tools lying in a heap with their cords trailing out can affect the health of both your tools and anyone who might trip and fall around them. Designate a place for each tool, neatly contain it or hang it on the wall if possible. Cords should always be neatly coiled, using zipties or other organizing aids if necessary.

Have you bought wholesale power tools? What auto body repair tools do you recommend aspiring mechanics and handymen buy first?

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