Telltale Signs of Home Foundation Damage

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It can take months, even years to find your dream home. Once you find it, however, you will be happy that you were patient and waited all that time for the right house to come along. Patience is not a characteristic you should apply to all things house-related, though. Small structural issues can easily turn into big, expensive projects if left to linger for too long. This is particularly true when it comes to your foundation. If you want to avoid costly house foundation repairs, keep an eye out for these initial signs of trouble:

  1. Water Damage – The number one cause of damage to a foundation is water. When left unattended, water can create cracks and other structural damage that can require concrete foundation repair or other expensive fixes. If you notice standing water in your basement, or other areas of the house, you should highly consider waterproofing methods to keep your home dry and foundation safe.
  2. Cracks – Do you have cracks in your walls, ceilings or above doorways? This is a telltale sign of foundation damage. Large cracks can mean extensive damage has already been done, so call on foundation repair contractors for help as soon as you notice cracks forming in your home.
  3. Door Jams – If you start to notice that your doors are getting stuck, your foundation has probably shifted. The more they stick, the worse the problem is, so don’t wait around for the problem to go away! Get someone over to help at the first sign of sticky doors.

Home Foundation Repair Costs

If you do have extensive damage to your foundation, it is important to have the problem fixed. Repairs can range from as little as $900 to nearly $6,000. As expensive as this is, leaving the issue unrepaired can create safety hazards for your family and decrease the value of your home. Foundation repair contractors can give you an estimate of total costs before any work is done, so make sure you specify that you only want the necessary repairs done before you give the OK for major projects. Continue.

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