The Evolution and Diversification of Vinyl Flooring

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Vinyl flooring has been popular among homeowners for years for it’s durability and easy installation. Unlike the vinyl of a few decades ago that was flat and easily torn, modern vinyl comes in a wide variety of textures and designs. Vinyl is comfortable to stand on and doesn’t get cold in winter like hardwood and tile.

Here are some styles you can choose from:

Types of Vinyl Flooring

All vinyl flooring has the same basic composition. The panels or sheets consist of felt or fiberglass backing, a printed design layer, and a clear vinyl layer and urethane top coat for protection. But once you get past the four standard layers, they come in a variety of styles.

Vinyl flooring planks allow designers to install vinyl flooring that looks like wood but acts like vinyl. Vinyl wood flooring imitates the look and feel of hardwood, right down to the texture, beveled edges, and the way the planks fit together. Though the planks are the size and shape of hardwood flooring, they’re cheaper, easier to clean, and more durable. This makes vinyl flooring that looks like wood a great alternative to costly and high maintenance hardwood.

Sheet vinyl is known for its easy installation and moisture resistance. It can also act as vinyl flooring that looks like wood, but it also comes in tile and other designs. Sheets are ideal for rooms like kitchens or bathrooms that see a lot of moisture. Vinyl sheet flooring come in rolls from six to twelve feet wide and should usually be installed by professionals.

You may not need to call a floor installation company if you choose to go with vinyl tiles, though. Tiles are great for DIY jobs and can be laid in any orientation to add visual interest. They can also be grouted together to look more like real tiles.

Vinyl flooring is a great and easy-to-maintain choice for a room that gets a lot of traffic. Great references here:

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