The Great Debate Chain Link VS Wood

Wooden deck construction

If you’re thinking about building a long fence around your yard, then chances are you’re debating between a wood fence and a chain link fence, the two most common types of gates and fences.

Like all things, each has its own pros and cons. In order to make the right decision, you need to weigh each to determine which will work best for your home. Here are a few of each to help you make an informed choice.

The Pros of Chain Link Fences.

Chain link fences are affordable, low maintenance, and safe. These types of fences are the most cost efficient type of fencing, and can even be installed by the homeowner (though it’s best to have a professional install the fence to ensure that it’s done properly). Chain link fences are also very low maintenance, since they’re usually treated to guard against rust, and hardly require any repairs as a result of weather damage. Plus, they’re safe. They can safely keep pets and children in a yard, while also offering homeowners with a line of sight where they can keep an eye on them.

The Pros of Wooden Fences.

Wood fences are aesthetically pleasing, secure, and also affordable. This type of fencing adds immediate curb appeal to a home, thusly increasing its property value. They’re classic looking, and they can be painted to further enhance a yard’s appearance. What’s more, wood fences are also secure, making it difficult for burglars and home invaders to get in.

The Cons of Chain Link Fences.

Chain link fences, unfortunately, are not as secure, aesthetically pleasing, or private. Burglars and other home invaders can easily scale them. Chain link fences are also not as attractive, and can look quite harsh, stark, and unnatural amongst a yard’s greenery. Plus, they don’t make yards all that private, since they’re basically see through.

The Cons of Wooden Fences.

Wood fences, on the other hand, require maintenance and are more expensive. Though homeowners can treat and stain their wooden fences to protect them from the elements, they’re not immune to the elements. Without the proper care, wood can begin to rot. This will ultimately mean having to have a new fence put in, which would obviously be very costly considering that wooden fences cost more than chain link fences to install.

If you’d like an affordable, low maintenance way to keep pets and children in your yard, go with a chain link fence. If you’d like to make your yard more attractive and safe, go with a wooden fence.

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