The Benefits of Building Design a Custom Home

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Are you in the market for a “forever home” and finding that many listings simply fall short? When homeowners invest in a place to build their lives, they are entirely justified in insisting their wish list items be met – or exceeded. What’s one way to be sure you can check all must haves off your list? Consider a custom built home with one of the best home builders in your area! Forbes’ Magazine recently reported that home prices will only rise through 2014. If you are in the market now, working with a new home builder may be a great way to control costs and get just what you want out of your home buying experience.
1) Pick your spot on the map
I’m sure you’ve heard it before: the number one feature to be mindful of is location, location, location. When you work with the best home builder, you get to pick your spot on the map! Whether you have your eye on a wooded wonderland or an urban street corner, you can have just the house you want and just where you want it.
2) Avoid purchasing a “lemon”
As time passes, homes need regular maintenance. Did you know? More than 60% of homes purchased last year where constructed before 1990 and were in need a serious updates? A Custom home builder will use the latest in building technology and ensure that you won’t cross the “repair bridge” for many years to come! Not to mention, new homes are created with energy efficiency in mind. Home builder contracters use modern materials that successful withstand harsh weather and wear and tear.
3) It pays to get fancy
If after financing and building your custom dream home you have a few extra dollars in the budget, don’t be afraid to incorporate a few splashes of luxury. You can widen your profit margins during resale by adding modern luxury features based on the market of your area. The best home builders all say that luxury custom homes are unique and perform well against homes without high end amenities.
New home builders take on fewer than 10 building projects per year, according to the National Association of Home Builders. You can find a contract who will take their time to make your home just what you’ve always dreamed. Around 750,000 new homes are slotted for construction in 2014 and it looks like there is a laundry list of reasons to consider building your dream home rather than buying a home on the market.
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