The Top Three Things to Consider When Buying Solar Panels

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When you think about installing solar panel systems in your home or business, it is typically a signal that you have efficiency in mind. After all, solar electric systems are an investment for the long run; in the short term, solar electric systems just represent an extra expense. For those interested in efficiency, here are three questions you should ask yourself before going out and looking for solar panels for sale:

1. Do You Need Solar Trackers?

Solar panel tracking systems allow solar panels to be tilted
to follow the sun as it climbs across the sky throughout the day, maintaining that 90 degree angle to maximize the energy drawn in. If you are installing your solar panels on the roof in a sunny climate, that may be ideal; if your area tends to have clouds, perhaps the tracking unit will not be as cost effective as you might think. Be sure it makes a significant difference before investing in a feature like that!

2. What Sort of Mounting Systems Work Best for You?

On the subject of mounting, consider where and how you want your solar panels pointed. Mounting systems not only hold the panels in place, but prevent them from being distorted or damaged in the wind or heat respectively. If wind is a major concern, perhaps mounting the panels on the side of the home with sturdier panels would be for the best; outside variables like that can make a huge difference in determining the lifespan of your panels!

3. What Angle is Ideal for You?

Finally, consider the angle your panels will be fixed in. Depending on where you live, a slight angle on rooftop panels can increase the sunlight exposure they receive; on a flat roof where the sun passes directly overhead, an ideal angle might be 0 degrees, whereas a 90 degree angle might be better suited to a wall facing panel. Remember, with panels, it is all about efficiency, so get the most out of your money! What do you think of solar electric systems like these?

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