Travertine Tile Can Break You Out of Your Flooring Rut

Tile cleaning

If you’re looking for a new floor covering for your home, don’t get stuck in a rut of just carpet and hardwood flooring. Sure, those are fine flooring options, but there are plenty others to consider as well.

There are a number of different flooring styles that will add a unique touch of class to any home. Terrazzo, for example, has interesting flecks of various stones and glass in its finish. Granite and marble are very impressive materials that are in very high demand right now. They are classic materials that look great in a variety of uses.

Have you thought of tile? No, not just tacky bathroom tile. While there is plenty of tacky bathroom tile out there, there are actually many different types and style of tile that are beautiful, and can add a beautiful touch to any home.

Travertine tile is one of the most beautiful tile options. Travertine is a form of limestone that comes from all over the world. It comes in many different earth tones, and has small holes in it. The smaller the hole, the finer the quality. Travertine tile was used as a building material for centuries, but today it is most commonly used for flooring and backsplashes.

Travertine, like all other tiles, is best maintained with regular tile and grout cleaning. Tile cleaning keeps tiles looking their best, and keeps dirt and grime from building up in and discoloring the surrounding grout.

Regular travertine cleaning is important on a daily or weekly basis, but a deeper travertine cleaning is recommended occasionally as well. Travertine tile and grout sealing is also very important to avoid damage.

Travertine is a beautiful stone that adds a very classy and natural touch to any home. With a regular routine of travertine cleaning, you can keep your travertine tile looking beautiful for many years to come. And even after that, travertine restoration is an option. More on this.

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