How to Winterize Metal Fences

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As homeowners begin to get everything ready to weather the harsh, icy elements coming, they can’t neglect or forget about their chain link fences. Though these house fences built tough, and sturdy, all that snow, sleet, and hail can wear them down just as it will the other parts of homeowners’ properties. In order to make sure they last through the winter, homeowners need to winterize them. Here’s how.

Rake the Leaves Away.

First things first, homeowners need to rake the leaves away from their chain link fences if they haven’t already done so. If they’re left there, the leaves will trap moisture, causing the fence to rust all winter long. This needs to be done before the snow starts to fall in earnest, otherwise homeowners may have to let it be for months.

Use a Wire Brush and Get Rid of Rusty Areas.

Next, homeowners should inspect their chain link fences for any signs of rusting. The snow, sleet, hail, ice, and rain will all exacerbate the rust splotches if left to be on their own. In order to get rid of them, homeowners should take a wire brush to them, and scrape them away.

Coat It With a Rust Resistant Sealant.

Lastly, homeowners should then coat their chain link fences in a rust resistant sealing to fortify the metal. If they don’t, their efforts will be for naught, as their fences will only rust all over again.

It’s important to note, too, that homeowners should pay special attention to their gates and hinges when brushing and applying sealants. After all, what good will the fence be if its gate doesn’t work?

In order to get chain link fences ready for winter, the leaves need to be raked away, the rust needs to be scraped off, and a rust resistant sealant needs to added. What’s more, this is true for all types of metal fences — be wrought iron fences, chain link fences, or custom metal fencing — all of these things need to be done.

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