Need a Lift? Try Renting Scissor Lifts or Scaffolding for Your Job Site

Power equipment rental

Many contractors find that they don’t always have the heavy machinery needed to complete a construction job, either due to shortages, unanticipated events, or even breakdowns in their own equipment. However, when these issues occur, many are able to turn to tool and construction equipment rental in order to get the job done. Renting can be more inexpensive than buying some types of machinery, and it prevents long wait times before the project can be completed.

Employers may not think they need aerial lifts, such as scaffolding or scissor lifts, but these types of equipment are among the most common on the job site. Take a look at some of the reasons why more construction companies today are renting their power equipment:

What are scaffolding and scissor lifts used for?
Both of these types of construction equipment are used to lift workers, so they can better reach what they are working on. However, they have some fundamental differences that can limit their usage. Aluminum scaffolding, for instance, is a type of lift that hangs from the side of a building or other construction. It is useful for working on high rises and other tall structures and is usually powered so it can move up or down. Scissor lifts, however, tend not to reach as high — usually only a couple of stories at most. They are a type of power equipment, and they usually have wheels on them, so they can move around a construction site. Workers who use these types of aerial lifts must have proper scissor lift training and certification in order to avoid injury and minimize workplace hazards.

Why should workers rent scissor lifts and scaffolding?
Any type of power equipment rental gives employers a chance to use equipment without the costs and liabilities of owning it. Most contractors and developers will rent equipment at one time or another, either out of convenience or while waiting for their own tools to come back from heavy equipment repairs. Many business owners also enjoy renting because they may be allowed to write the power equipment rental costs off on their taxes at the end of the season or year.

How much does scissor lift or scaffolding rental cost? Scissor lift and scaffolding rental costs vary depending upon how long these pieces of equipment are needed for. Most construction equipment rentals can be made for any duration: by the hour, day, or week, even, so scissor lift and scaffolding rental costs will depend upon how long a company needs to use them. Even long term projects can benefit from these types of rentals by using them from week to week.

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