Recent Trends in Woodwork and Cabinetry

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We’ve entered a period in the evolution of interior design where terms like “fusion” get thrown around and people decorate their homes with a carefree, “anything goes” spirit. Whether you decorate with a framework for the entire house or literally take it room by room, there are still trends waxing and waning in popularity within the context of fusion. Here are some of the cabinetry design ideas that have recently gained momentum in the marketplace that you might want to consider when you’re hiring a capable contractor to help you build that dream-design entertainment cabinet or kitchen storage unit.
Less Wall Cabinets
Capitalize on your available space by trying other options than the age-old wall cabinet scheme. Less bulky wall cabinets means more open space, so utilize under-counter space and maximize what’s available in your pantry by having it redesigned with sliders and other space-saving creations.
On a Mission
Mission style design dates back to the late 1800’s and early 20th Century, accentuating simple lines and flat panels, often associated with the Arts and Crafts movement. The focus is then set on the quality and natural grain on the wood being used, as well as the precision craft of how it’s fit together, ala corner pegs, for example.
Glazing Outer Doors
There’s been a return to the contemporary/late 20th Century look, which adds a subtle, extra element to the otherwise simpler, cleaner facades people are favoring in their woodwork choices.
Cherry, oak, maple — these will always be favorites. But folks have been embracing Lyptus more and more, as it’s considered a sustainable wood: the trees regrow in a short, three year cycle. It’s appearance resembles mahogany, but the biggest difference you’ll see is the price – Lyptus is, for the moment, considerably less expensive.
Finding a capable designer to help you revamp the woodwork in your home is a worthwhile process. Even if you’re on a limited budget, if you find a company that understands your vision, they can work with you section by section, job by job, until the house is fully updated. The best designers can help you with that entertainment cabinet as well as with your custom bathroom design, kitchen remodeling and home library cabinets.
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