Three Ways to Make a Privacy Fence Like None Other on the Block

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UPDATED 2/24/21

If you’re going to invest all that money into a wood privacy fence, you might as well make sure it’s something you definitely couldn’t be happier with. Though wooden fences only cost about $8 per foot at most, you could still wind up spending hundreds — possibly thousands — on wood fencing depending on the size of the area you want covered. For that much money, why would you get a fence that looks like all the other wooden fences on the block? Especially when there are so many ways for homeowners like yourself to customize wooden fences, too.

Here are a few different tips to help your fence look better than those other wood fences on your street.

Why Use Just One Length and Width of Board?

Wooden fences don’t have to be built with the same width and length of board, and why should they be? Homeowners can use two different board heights to create a cool, unique staggered effect. They could also choose to alternate between two or three different widths of board, with spacing in between, to create wooden fences with visually dynamic, interesting patterns.

Why Use Just One Style of Wood Paneling?

Some homeowners choose to make their wooden fences with panels instead of boards. For example, they might choose a lattice work paneling, picture frame paneling, basket weave paneling, louvered horizontal paneling, or a simple horizontal paneling. What many homeowners don’t realize, though, is that when they choose to use panels instead of boards, they don’t have to strictly stick with just one. Choosing to use a different panel for every third one would create a really great effect, and make the fence truly one of a kind.

Why Make the Whole Thing Solid?

Who said wood fences had to be entirely solid? One trick some homeowners use to great effect is keeping the lower half of their wooden fences solid, but then using different board widths and spacing at the top half. For example, they might choose to install a lattice top rather than choose a traditional, arched, or dog-eared top.

With so many different wood fence designs out there, why would anyone just want something cookie-cutter? If you have any questions about wooden fences, feel free to ask in the comments.

What about vinyl fencing?

When you want to have a fence built for you, there are many different fence types that you can choose from. The average price to install privacy fence depends on the size of your yard, the height of the fence and the type of materials used in it. When you are bidding a fence job, you can create the entire plan in advance so that contractors will know exactly what they will be bidding on. When you are building a backyard fence, the look of the fence is highly important. Many people choose for a vinyl fence because the colors look nice and the fence will need very little maintenance.

Can vinyl fence be cut? Yes. It generally comes in specific panel lengths, though, so there is little need to cut it. When you are working with wood, the pieces of wood can be made to fit the specific area that you are fencing in, and the same is true of vinyl fences. The way that vinyl looks is often considered to be preferable to the dull color of wooden fences. Vinyl fences are also very easy to clean and will likely not need any maintenance done for a long time.


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