Tips of Hiring the Best Well Digging Services

Water well sealing

As humans, we’ve sought our life-sustaining water supply from wells for well over ten thousand years. Prior to the last century, however, nearly all wells were dug by hand.
Nowadays, most wells get drilled. This requires a complex, costly drill rig that gets mounted on a truck and utilizes rotary drill bits to chew away at the rock.
Choosing the best well digging services and contractors might seem like a no-brainer, but they’re not all created equal. Here’s a list of factors to consider when looking to hire the best well digging services in your area.

  • Licensed and Insured?
    However trite it may sound, if they don’t have the proper licensing and insurance, they’re probably not going to do a proper job of digging your well.

  • Reputation?
    Ask people you trust if they know anything about the service in question. But don’t rely on just one opinion; when possible, multiple opinions give a more well-rounded picture.

  • Pricing?
    While you should never hire a contractor (of any kind) based solely on their’s being the cheapest bid, be sure that your candidate prices their service competitively. If one service is substantially cheaper than the others, this isn’t always the sign of a good bargain. Keep in mind: if the contractor doesn’t properly value their work, that’s a good sign that it’s lacking.

  • Expertise?
    Talk to the drilling contractor you’re leaning toward hiring. See what they have to say about the job, the type of well and corresponding pump system. Do they have suggestions about higher quality materials as a secondary/upgrade option? Regardless of what they tell you, you should get a better feel for whether you can work with them or not through this fairly routine exchange.

  • Mutual Expectations?
    As you get closer to making a decision, be sure to have a clear understanding of what the drilling contractor expects: is there any preparation on your end? What are the agreed-upon payment parameters? Also, can the contractor meet your expectations regarding timeline, placement, etc. Questions asked now will prevent misunderstanding, disappointment and hassle down the road.
    When approaching the final decision, it’s okay to think long term, since this item will outlast almost all others in your possession. If you build a solid relationship with a drilling contractor now, you should be able to call on them if you need a sump pump installation, additional water well sealing or further well drilling services.
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