Three Things to Remember When You Hire a Mold Expert

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If you find mold in your home, it’s easy to rush into an agreement with a household mold removal expert without thinking things through. While it’s true that home mold removal is often urgent, you always want to make sure you’re putting it in the hands of someone who proceeds correctly.

Here are some ways you can protect yourself when you choose to invest in home mold removal.

  1. Research Home Mold Removal Experts

    It’s crucial to do your research when you’re hiring someone to look at mold in your home. Check references, referrals, and any certifications your potential mold expert may have. You should also find out what each certification actually means, since some won’t actually reflect extensive training. Find a reputable expert that won’t charge you a lot of money for doing nothing.
  2. Remember Fast Inspectors may not be the Best Inspectors

    If your mold inspection and testing expert reaches a conclusion too quickly, it might be cause for suspicion. Inspectors should conduct a thorough visual evaluation of your home, checking for signs of moisture, unusual temperature readings and mold. They should also ask you about problems in your home and any resident health issues. Inspecting an entire house should take one to three hours.
  3. Understand that Testing is Overrated

    If there’s visible mold in your home, there’s not really a need for sampling and testing. It should be removed regardless. Mold testing is only really necessary to detect hidden mold that may be hiding behind wall panels or in the vents. If anything, you should be wary if an inspector does nothing but test for samples. The visual inspection will often carry more weight.

Even though mold can be frightening, don’t let yourself rush into things. Evaluate your options and choose the mold inspection and removal expert with your best interests at heart. More can be found here.

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