4 Awesome Tips for Choosing a Toilet that Everyone Should Know

Finding efficient toilets

Anyone who is interested in remodeling their bathroom should consider the important element of purchasing bathroom equipment and how this ties in with your overall decorating plan. Even more important than walk in bathtubs or shower bases is your choice of the perfect modern toilet that will reflect your commitment to unique style and bathroom design. The kinds of toilets available to us today are great, but we didn’t always have the great options that we do now. The first modern toilet was installed at the Richmond Palace during the reign of Queen Elizabeth I, around the year 1600, but she wasn’t a fan. She refused it because it was too noisy and didn’t fit the somber, quiet tone of her style and bathroom design.

The first time vortex toilet flushing bowl was invented in 1907 by Thomas MacAvity Stewart of Saint John, New Brunswick, and this was the first toilet that could create a self cleaning effect with a swirling movement of the water. By the end of the sixties toilets could flush with fewer than six gallons. Toilets in the 1980s needed only 3.5 gallons for each flush, and the great water efficient toilets today use less than 1.6 gallons for each flush. If you are interested in learning more about how to choose the greatest toilets, keep reading for some information on how to choose the best one for your style and bathroom design.

    1. Remember that choosing a toilet is a multifaceted process
    It’s always necessary for you to remember that there are so many things to consider about the toilet. You should think about the size, design, price, color and the energy efficiency of your new bathroom equipment.

    2. Getting the perfect fit
    The fit of your new toilet is important for many elements of the functionality. Toilets with a rounder shape that have a smaller inner diameter are sometimes preferred for small spaces that don’t have extra room, but taller toilets are generally better for tall people. Bigger toilets are also considered to be more accessible to a variety of people because they are easier for standing up and sitting down. If you want to go for an option that will be a hit with everyone, choose a taller design.

    3. Toilet design
    This feature is closely integrated with price, and more complex designs will be more expensive. Your three options are:

    • A two-piece toilet has a tank on top of, and separate from, the bowl. These are harder to clean.
    • A one-piece toilet has a connected tank and bowl, and these are easier to clean because there is no seam.
    • A wall mounted toilet is the most dramatic option and can add a unique touch to any room. It’s also the most expensive option though, so be prepared to pay a lot for this design.

    4. Water efficiency
    It’s important to remember that even though the most water efficient toilets will cost more up front, they will save you money in the long run because your water bill will be less in the future. You should look for a toilet that has the latest in flushing technology but also uses a low amount of water for each flush. The best technology out there today is power or gravity assisted flushing. Talk to a professional to learn what one is right for you.

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