Are HVAC Maintenance Agreements Really Worth the Cost?

When it comes to purchasing a heating and cooling system, it is vital to get a quality unit that will serve you effectively. One of the things to consider when buying an AC heating and cooling unit is the size of your home. If your place is small and you buy a bigger unit, you will simply end up with higher energy bills for nothing. On the other hand, if you get a smaller unit and have a big house, you will overwork your unit, leading to a high energy bill. Apart from that, all HVAC units need routine maintenance checks to run smoothly and extend their lifespan. Once you purchase your unit, the AC and heating installation job have to be done correctly. Otherwise, it will either get spoilt or fail to run.

Like any other equipment, ACs are prone to wear and tear as they age. Therefore, throughout the unit’s lifespan, you will have to request several ac repair jobs from a skilled technician. However, there are certain maintenance checks you can DIY. For instance, dust off and replace the filters monthly, clean the outside unit once in a while, and cut any shrubs near the vegetation. If the AC is damaged and repairs are ineffective, research online ac heating and cooling near me and get recommendations from technicians and suppliers in your area.

Best heating and cooling systems

Even the best heating and cooling systems require regular maintenance to operate well. With proper maintenance, new HVAC systems can last an average of 12-15 years.

One of the heating and air conditioning services many HVAC contractors provide is a maintenance agreement. These heating and air conditioning service contracts allow you to pay a set fee for the company to provide ongoing maintenance, checkups and tuneups on a regular basis. You could receive a checkup at the start of the winner and summer season, or just once a year.

Different contracts include different heating and air conditioning services. Some may include replacement parts and repair service for issues found during a routine checkup. You might even be able to get emergency services covered in your contract, but each service will cost you more. Is it worth the cost?

Advantages of an HVAC Service Contract

When you have a service contract, you’re less likely to forget or put off your annual tune-up. Getting a tune-up every year can make your system more energy efficient, improve your indoor air quality, and in general make your system run more affordably. Your technician will spot any small issues before they can develop into more expensive repairs.

Disadvantages of an HVAC Service Contract

Depending on how many services you invest in, a contract can cost you from $150-$500 a year. For a new system that has a long life ahead of it and a warranty, this might not be worth the cost. But some manufacturers will require routine maintenance as a condition of the warranty. Your service agreement could also end up costing more than the individual repairs you require, so you should balance out what you think you’ll actually need.

Still, if you can find a reputable company that provides great services in their contract for a reasonable cost, getting a maintenance agreement might not be such a bad idea. See this link for more references.


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