Three Things to Think About When Choosing a New Roof For Your Business

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Most business owners don’t give their roofs a second thought — until it’s in disrepair and in need of maintenance and replacement. Additionally, roof replacement is ideally not something that business owners need to deal with very often, so when they do they don’t really know where to start. Here are a few of the most important things any business owner needs to think about when they’re getting their roof replaced.

1. The Commercial Roofing Company
The first thing you should think about when you’re getting the roof at your business repaired or replaced is hiring the right commercial roofing contractors to do the job. You should begin by looking for roofers in your area and find a couple that have good reputations. Check review sites like Yelp and Google, and ask the company for a few referrals so you can get a sense of previous customer satisfaction. Then interview the contractors to make sure that they’re qualified and professional.

2. Commercial Roofing Materials
Another thing you need to consider when you’re buying a new roof is the materials you want the roof to be constructed out of. There are a few different commercial roof types, so it’s probably worth going over with your roofing company what commercial roofing materials are going to work best. Some have more recyclable properties like metal roofs, which are about 56% recycled steel — much more than an asphalt roof.

3. The Color
After you’ve found the right company and have decided on the right kind of material you want to use, you really need to think about the color the roof is going to be. Most people think about durability when it comes to a roof (88% of people), which of course is important. However, the look of a business is part of how a customer is going to judge it. Looks matter.

Have you recently put a new roof on your business? How did you make your decisions? Feel free to share your thoughts with us in the comments section below. Read more here.

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