5 Questions That Can Help You Get Better Custom Made Cabinets

The kitchen is among the most commonly and widely used rooms in most homes today. Having a good kitchen design makes it easier and more enjoyable to use day in and day out. One great feature that can make a kitchen perfect is having enough cabinet space. Good cabinet desings not only boost the aesthetics appeal of the space but also make it more functional and easier to work with. Having quality well-designed cabinet doors and shelves allow you to do more with your space while also creating the look and feel you want for your room and home overall.

A local cabinet maker company or construction and remodeling contractor can help you get the new cabinets that will be just right for your kitchen space. Whether you need a few cabinets or a few dozen cabinets, they can assist you with the process. If you have been asking yourself – where are the best custom cabinet refinishing services in my area- then a local company or contractor can help you get started on the right foot!

How Many Materials Can You Offer?
If you’re remodeling your home — particularly your kitchen or bathroom, but really any room — then custom made cabinets are one of the best investments you can make. But how do you choose which company makes those custom made cabinets to ensure you’re getting what you pay for? Here are some questions you can ask prospective cabinetry companies:

  1. The value of custom wood kitchen cabinets leads some people to believe that solid wood is the best choice for all parts of a cabinet. But that’s not always true; the best custom bathroom cabinets, for example, will often be at least partially made of MDF to better withstand the heat and humidity unavoidable in most bathrooms. You should be offered a variety of materials so you get a good balance of looks and function.
  2. Can You Work With Any Dimensions? Truly custom made cabinets should be available in any dimensions you need, no matter how odd the measurements of your rooms are. If a company only offers cabinets at set intervals (every 2 inches, etc.), then those are semi-custom and not fully custom.
  3. What Door Styles Are Available? You should be able to get a wide variety of door styles for high-end custom wood cabinets. These might range all the way from a classic Shaker to an ultra-modern flat panel to an intricate raised detail. A great custom cabinetry company will also be able to match existing cabinetry, if you’re replacing damaged doors or wanting to keep existing cabinets as you expand.
  4. Do You Coordinate Installation? Not all companies that make cabinets coordinate their installation. That’s not necessarily a problem, especially if you already have a contractor doing other renovation work, but you should know well in advance so you can make the appropriate budget adjustments.
  5. How Do You Guarantee Your Work?Some companies will offer workmanship warranties, others won’t. Don’t simply stop with the question however; if a company does offer a guarantee of some kind, use online reviews and organizations like the Better Business Bureau to make sure that company actually follows through on its promises should something go wrong.

Can you think of any other questions you should ask to get the best custom cabinets as part of your building or renovation process? Join the discussion in the comments.

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