4 Things a Residential Cleaning Service Can Do For You

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Unfortunately, unless you are able to stay home all day without work, children, pets, or other distractions, cleaning your home is probably pretty low on your list of priorities. While most people assume that hiring a home cleaning service would be highly expensive, you would actually be surprised by cleaning service rates. Most cleaning service rates depend on what you need clean so you and your home actually determine the cleaning service rates. If you’re considering hiring a house cleaning service, below are some of the things that this service will likely clean if asked.

Clean your carpets

While you might not think your carpets are the dirtiest area in your home, they actually might be. A study by Men’s Health found that carpets can be 4,000 times dirtier than the item you probably think is the dirtiest in your home: your toilet seat. While this fact may come as a shock, most people do not clean their carpets thoroughly, they only vacuum and spot clean when needed. So hiring a cleaning service really may be worth it especially if you get sick easily or suffer from allergies. Like bacteria, carpets also collect allergens that can trigger your allergies to react. Not all cleaning services will offer a rug cleaning service, so it’s best to do your research before hiring.

Clean your kitchen and bathroom

While you may dread cleaning your bathroom because you think it harvests bacteria, you should also dread cleaning your kitchen. According to TODAY, your kitchen sink may actually have more dirt than your entire bathroom. Most cleaning services will offer to clean your kitchen and bathroom so you don’t need to worry about researching which ones do and do not.

Clean areas you might not realize are dirty

While the obvious areas have been covered, there are also many areas of your home that you don’t realize are dirty. These are typically areas that you don’t think to clean often, yet some of them are the most used. One spot that you may not think to clean is a doorknob. Unfortunately, doorknobs are used daily yet rarely cleaned, meaning they are likely to be very dirty and harvesting bacteria from your hands.

Clean upholstery

Some cleaning services will also offer upholstery cleaning services. If your couch seems to attract dirt that you can’t keep off, you might want to look for a cleaning company that will clean your upholstery. Typically, they will have better equipment for this part of cleaning than a normal residential home has, so instead of renting a steam cleaner or upholstery cleaner, it might be best to simply hire a residential cleaning service instead so your whole home can be clean.

While your home might look clean to you on the surface, there are many areas where you might be missing. If you don’ t have the time, focus, or patience to clean your whole home top to bottom, you might want to consider hiring a residential cleaning service to get the job done!

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