Should You Choose to Hire an Organic Lawncare Company for Your Home?

Organic lawncare treatment

Each year, Americans spend approximately $700 million on pesticides for their lawns. Those chemicals not only include substances that get rid of grubs, bugs, and other pests, but they also kill off certain invasive species of plants. However, these chemicals can often have adverse effects on the soil and groundwater, and they may harm other animals in the area. They can even pose a risk for the families that rely on these treatments to keep their lawns looking green.

However, there are other options out there that can improvea lawn without being hazardous to others. Organic lawncare treatments are growing in popularity and have many people switching from the conventional chemicals. Should you hire an organic lawncare company to beautify your yard this summer? Only you can answer that question based upon the needs of your lawn and garden. However, the reasons below may also compel you to make the switch from conventional lawncare to an organic lawncare company in your area:

    1. Treatments are safe: Pesticides kill and cause health complications for more than one million people annually. Why are they so dangerous for homeowners? The average lawn sees about ten times the concentration of pesticides as farmland does. Conventional pesticides can seep into the water table and cause problems with groundwater, which affects the quality of drinking water for everyone. With organic lawncare treatments, you won’t see the same issues because they don’t contain harmful contaminants.

    2. Lawncare methods are natural: With pesticide free lawncare, you’re getting the same kinds of treatments that have been around for many years. You may even be able to get insights on using methods like composting and mulching to improve your lawn. This brings your yard back to the basics and is generally considered better for soil quality.

    3. Organic is healthier: Most people know about organics when they go shopping for produce at their local grocery store; these foods are treated without pesticides, which means that you can consume fewer chemicals. However, organic lawncare and gardening may also be better for your health. The treatments from an organic lawncare company won’t cause you to spread

Have more questions about using organic lawn treatments? Ask a local lawncare company what they can do for you. You can also leave us a comment.

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