Reinvigorate Your Home With New Floors

How much is new carpet

There are so many options when it comes to floors. Some people prefer hardwood floors for a sleeker and more authentic look while others prefer carpet to bring color and softness to a room. Whatever your preference, if you’re thinking about changing up your floors it’s useful to have a grasp of the cost of installation for both hardwood and carpeted floors, as well as how each type of floor is installed.

How to Install a Carpet.

There are several professionals out there who know how to install a carpet properly. They typically use tack strips, which are strips of wood holding several sharp nails. These strips are placed parallel to each wall that will surround the carpeted area. Usually a quarter-inch gap is maintained between the strip and the wall so that the carpet, once anchored to the tack strip, can be tucked in that area, making for a clean and finished look.

More often than not, professionals first lay down rubber padding that lies underneath the carpet. This padding provides additional stability and softness to the floor. The padding is stapled down with the proper tool up against the tack strips. It’s important that the floor underneath the padding first be thoroughly cleaned.

New Carpet Installation Cost.

The cost of carpet installation depends on the surface area that needs to be covered, the type of carpet used, and the materials that will be needed for installation. On average, the entire cost of installation, including labor, falls between $1200 and $1400. Each square yard of carpet costs between $30 to $40 on average.

How Install Hardwood Floors.

Before the actual wood planks or strips are laid down, what is called a sub-floor must be prepared. The sub-floor is simply the floor under what will be the new floor. It’s crucial that sub-floors are level so that the hardwood floor is also level when the job is done. The sub-floor should also be clean and dry so prevent warping or other potential problems. Then an underlayment is placed and guidelines are marked on top of it for simple plank or strip placement.

Professionals use a variety of tools and materials for hardwood floor installation, such as wood putty, drills, hammers, saws, tape measures and more. One important step for hardwood floor installation is acclimating the wood to the room temperature and humidity by leaving it in the room for at least 72 hours. This will prevent warping of the boards. Each one must be completely level before installation.

The boards are then nailed into the sub-floor and pieced together until the whole area is covered. Certain adjustments are made for getting around open areas like vents. More information on hardwood floor installation can be found online.

Hardwood Floors Cost.

It typically costs more to install a hardwood floor than a carpeted one. If a professional installs the floor, the average cost of the whole job, including labor, will be around $2000. Cost will increase or decrease depending on many factors such as room size, type of materials used, and if the installer needs to do additional work such as replacing the sub-floor, re-sanding it, etc.

For some, information on how to install a carpet or hardwood floor might inspire them to perform these tasks themselves. While there is a growing Do-it-Yourself (DIY) culture in the U.S., it’s often most wise to hire a professional for jobs like these.

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