Trenchless Pipe Repair Leave Your Front Yard Alone!

Roof drain lining

Any seasoned homeowner will tell you just how difficult sewer pipe repair work can be. Because sewer pipes are embedded deep underground, they are notoriously difficult to access. Repairs are one thing; replacements are a whole different story. Pipes older than 40 years are candidates for replacement or, at the very least, inspection. When the time comes to replace sewage pipes, many homeowners are reluctant to get the work done. Why? Simply put, it is because the conventional method requires digging large trenches in a home’s front or back yard (sometimes both). Even if the work needs to be done, homeowners are understandably concerned about the damage the repairs will cause, which often leads to more restorative work.

However, a relatively new method (it has been on the market for about 10 to 15 years) has come about that has revolutionized the way underground pipes are restored. Trenchless pipe repair, as the name suggests, does not require digging massive trenches in order to repair the pipes. Instead, trenchless sewer repair uses special cured-in-place pipes (CIPP) that are jointless, extremely flexible, and are able to fit inside the original pipes rather than remove them outright. CIPP pipes are led through the existing pipes and are then expanded in size, effectively replacing the original pipes.

Trenchless pipe lining is very popular with homeowners who have done it, if anything because the amount of money they save by not having to pay for restoration work typically required by conventional drain repair methods makes up for the initial costs. Surprisingly, many homeowners haven’t even heard of the method. An Angie’s List poll, for example, found that 78% of respondents had never heard of “no dig” pipe replacement technology. However, slowly but surely homeowners across the country are changing that by employing professional trenchless drain repair services for their sewage pipe needs.

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