Energy-Saving Tips for Your Air Conditioning System

air conditioningAir conditioning is essential during the warm months of the year.  Some tips can make your system energy-efficient and economical.

1.  Schedule routine maintenance
There are a number of reasons routine maintenance is important.  First, when our technicians have the opportunity to check the system, minor problems can be resolved before they become worse.  This can help you avoid expensive repair work in the future, and can reduce the risk of your system breaking down when it is in use.

Second, a well-maintained system costs less to operate.  As a clean system uses less energy, your bills will be lower.

2.  Prepare your home or commercial building for the season
One of the best approaches to saving energy is a building that keeps cool air in and warm air out.  Before you begin using your system, check for cracks and openings in the building, and seal any that you find.  Check to make sure windows and doors close tightly.  Attach weatherstripping wherever it is necessary.
Keep curtains closed to block sunlight.  It will keep your home or office cooler without using extra energy.

3.  Programmable thermostats save energy and money
Whether your air conditioning is at home or work, there are many hours when no one is present.  When your AC does not run during this time, you can save a considerable amount of money.
During the hours when someone is present, the system should be set at a reasonable temperature.  If you set the thermostat at 72 degrees or higher, you can be healthy and comfortable.

4.  Do not hesitate to install a new AC system
Homeowners, business owners, and property managers may have been relying on the same air conditioning systems for many years.  In some cases, installing new systems can save money and energy.
If you have experienced frequent problems with your system, this may be a sign the system needs to be replaced.  Routine cleaning and maintenance can only go so far when a system is old and beyond repair.
You should feel free to discuss your AC issues with one of our technicians.  If you are advised to replace the system, consider it a wise investment.  Systems that are beyond repair can break down, and are extremely expensive to operate.

It is not difficult to turn an energy-draining AC system into one that is more efficient.  You can start by contacting us.  We can evaluate your system and let you know if it is in good condition.  We can clean the system, and make any necessary repairs.  Our technicians can also install a new AC system if your current system is no longer working properly.

Make an appointment before summer begins.  After we have serviced your system, you will see a difference in your energy bills.  Your AC will work better, and there will be less risk of problems.
Air conditioning systems should be checked every year.  You can call today for fast, professional service.  It is a simple way to save money and energy this year.

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