How to Inspect Your Roof Like a Pro

Pros and cons of roof replacement

If you don’t know how to inspect your roof, you many be in trouble as a homeowner. Not only can roof damage make the roof weak and vulnerable, but it can also make your entire house vulnerable. Leaky roofs can destroy household items, and lead to flooding in the home if not taken care of. Read on for some tips to maximize each inspection of your roof, so that you can keep up on maintenance.

First of all, you should know that different roof types have different durability and maintenance requirements. For example, your inspections won’t have to be as frequent for a fiber-cement roof, since they’re so strong they’re nearly bullet-proof, and are resistant to fire, wind, insects, impact, and moisture. But if you have a wood or vinyl roof, you should inspect regularly. The key to inspecting your roof lies in your understanding of this point.

The major warning signs of roof issues are curling, buckling, blistering, cracked caulk, rust spots, plus worn out areas around pipes, skylights and chimneys. If you notice any of these starting, either do research and see if you can fix it easily and on your own, or book a consultation with a roofing company. The biggest thing to remember here is don’t wait. Any time you spend once the problem has started allows it to get bigger and harder to fix.

Insurance likely will not cover issues caused by wear and tear or lack of maintenance, so make sure you look at your insurance policy before calling someone. This could save you hundreds of dollars if you are able to use insurance. Don’t underestimate the importance of this upkeep– the importance of the roof when buying/selling a home is huge!

Have you inspected your roof lately, and if so, what were your findings? Where did you learn how to inspect your roof? Leave advice and thoughts in the comments below!

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