The Right Fabric Can Make All the Difference for Commercial Seats

Automotive textile suppliers

When designing seating that is going to be used a lot, it is important to find textile solutions that include combining comfort with durability.

Finding Textile Solutions

Selecting the right fabric can make all the difference.  It needs to be:

  • Lightweight
  • Comfortable
  • Quit
  • Be able to be made Flame-retardant
  • Recyclable
  • Custom

Industrial textile manufacturers often use fabric suspension systems that eliminate the need for springs and similar devices to add support to seating units.  One such fabric is Dymetrol®.  This is a high performance fabric.  Polyester threads are woven with elastomer monofiliments and thermally bonded.  The material can also be made in varying styles ranging from extra firm to soft.  The result is a system that meets all of the above criteria.  Additionally, the weight of the individual is dissipated across the entire surface of the seat.  This improves blood flow and makes the seat much more comfortable.

The Airline Industry

More then eight million people take to the skies each year.  Most of these people (33%) were traveling for business while a small number (11%) were going on vacation. Current coach seating is between 17 to 19 inches wide with a pitch between 31 and 35 inches.  The space between one spot on an airplane seat and the same point on the seat behind is referred to as the pitch.  A recent TripAdvisor survey showed that nearly 30% of respondents said they want more comfortable seating and 41% would like more legroom.

Selecting the correct fabric for these seats is incredibly important.  Durability and comfort are as crucial here as in other industries but the weight makes more of a difference in a plane than in furniture that will stay on the ground.  Aircraft fabric suppliers understand this and know they need to devise textile solutions that are lightweight to cut down on fuel costs.  When airlines began using seats made with Dymetrol®, they saw a real fuel savings.  The new seats were eight to 12 pounds lighter.  When the Dymetrol® seats were used, airlines found they could add seats to their plans without adding weight.

Mass Transit Seating Solutions

Dymetrol® also molds itself to the individual yet bounces back almost instantly making itself ready for the next occupant.  This is especially important for mass transit where many people may occupy a sat at different times throughout the day and night.  Millions of people rely on mass transportation every day.  Commercial fabric manufacturers understand this.

Movie Theatre Seating

These seats see a lot of wear and tear and again, a bunch of people will use the same seat throughout the day. In the U.S., more than 62% of adults go to the movies each year. More go to see a movie than to a bar and they tend to go at least once a month.

The bottom line is commercial fabric manufacturers need to keep the needs of their clients (the purchasing companies) in mind and that includes thinking though what the customers will experience.

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