Three Creative and Simple Carpet Design Ideas

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Any designer will tell you that carpets are the essential centerpieces of many rooms. Without carpets, rooms can look meandering, empty, and unfocused. Yet with too much carpet, such as a wall to wall carpet, rooms can end up looking a bit unbalanced.
So, how does one go about choosing carpet to design their home effectively? With this simple guide, selecting new flooring will be easy (and fun!).
Step One: Make a Plan
The first step of any modern flooring project is making a plan. This part is fun because it allows you to use your imagination. Take measurements of your room’s dimensions. What kind of flooring does it have already? Do you want wall to wall carpet or are you considering an area rug? These are the questions that your plan should answer.
Also, when choosing your carpet, it is also important to think about pre-existing items in the room of choice, such as chairs, coffee tables, and book shelves. This is important if you are incorporating modern area rugs, as you want it to frame the pre-existing furniture.

Step Two: Know Your Budget
Before getting in too deep with any design dreams that won’t be fulfilled, make sure you know exactly what price point you’re looking for. Carpets come in all kinds of shape, sizes, materials, and styles; there’s guaranteed to be something fabulous available at every price range.

Step Three: Get Creative!
When choosing carpet for your home, remember that you don’t always have to stick to the design books! Some of the most interesting, beautiful, and inventively designed spaces start with unconventional modern area rugs. For example, there are many quirky and colorful area rugs out there these days made in a range of materials and shapes.

A wise woman once said that good room design starts from the carpet up. This is your chance to make that a reality!

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