Reasons to Have Carpet In Your Home

Luxury vinyl flooring

Did you know that carpet covers almost 70% of the flooring in the entire country? There are tons of benefits of choosing carpeting for your home rather than linoleum or hard wood, but the decision really comes down to preference. When it comes to floor options there are lots of reason to consider carpeting your home; here are just a few:

1. Long Lasting/Durable – One reason to consider carpeting a house is how long that investment will last. The majority of manufacturers say that carpeting should last for up to 10 years with proper care. If you choose carpets that are woven and made on a loom, they have a longer life span of up to 20-30 years. Talk about a smart purchase! You can pay for carpeting installation today and still be reaping the benefits 20 years from now. So how can you tell if the carpeting in your home needs to be replaced? Signs of wear usually show on the major walkways and you may notice the fibers begin losing their texture and tuft.

2. Variety of Options – Flooring ideas are plentiful because of the variety of options you have when choosing one. For instance, wool or even a wool-blend (usually 80% wool and 20% acrylic), can be dyed easily to match any colors you have throughout your house. There are also tons of carpeting types depending on your need. Some industrial carpets are thin and made to be more durable, but others are made especially to comfort your feet as you walk on them. Who doesn’t love walking bare-footed on soft and clean new carpet? That’s probably one reason that 44% of homeowners prefer it in their bedrooms.

3. Easy to Clean – In order to keep carpet clean you just need to make sure you have a quality vacuum and a bottle of cleaner handy. 99% of all carpet stains can be removed by a cleaning agent if they are cleaned in the first few days. These days there are all sorts of cleaners you can purchase to treat very specific stains like pet urine or grass stains. If you do decide to get rid of some carpet rather than clean it just remember that it can be recycled! In fact, carpet recycling efforts have saved more than 1.5 billion pounds of waste from being deposited into the country’s landfills.

So whether you are carpet in a single room, a basement, or your whole house, the options out there are endless. Call a flooring company to learn some basics and see what style would work best for your family and lifestyle. You could be walking on new carpeting throughout your home in no time!

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