Don’t Let Those Pests Bug You Take Back Control Of Your Home!

Household pest control tips

There is nothing more horrifying than catching a skittering mouse or cockroach out of the corner of your eye and snatching your feet up off the floor, praying there’s not more where that came from. Smaller creepy crawlies like termites, bedbugs, carpet beetles, and mites aren’t welcome guests in your home either! At first, it may seem as if they’re taking over and there’s no way to get rid of them! However, if you’re looking for pest control solutions, there are general household pest control measures you can take at home first to help alleviate the problem, as well as commercial solutions to help get rid of your pest problem completely.
While pet mice may be cute, your average household mouse or rat is certainly not. They also breed pretty quickly — in one year, a female mouse might have anywhere between five to ten litters that have at least five or six offspring apiece in them. Yikes! Even more concerning, a national study was conducted that showed over 80% of homes in the United States contained mouse allergens — which can contribute to asthma.
What You Can Do
Because the regular house mouse adapts so quickly to conditions, it can be hard to keep ahead of a mouse who very much wants to live with you. One of the best ways to manage rodent control is to seal holes that are larger than a pencil. Mice can surprisingly get through very small spaces, so sealing cracks and holes is imperative to keeping them out.
Everyone’s least favorite insect isn’t just unattractive — it can spread over 30 kinds of bacteria, six kinds of parasitic worms, and at minimum, seven other kinds of human pathogens. They also tend to be more active at hotter temperatures (maybe why you see more of them in the summer), but can unfortunately survive colder temperatures if given the right conditions. Fast and hard to kill, these pests can be scary AND annoying.
What You Can Do
Some pest control solutions for roaches include: keeping your home as clean as possible and minimizing their habitat by vacuuming, keeping eyes out for them, setting traps, and sealing up any cracks or holes they may be coming into are all good measures to take on your own.
About 20% of homeowners stated termites as their biggest pest worry and over $2 billion is spent every year trying to get rid of or control termite infestations. They can seriously damage foundations and infrastructure within your home, costing you significant amounts of money and also putting yourself and your family in danger.
What You Can Do
Termite control for homeowners is crucial. Like with all pests, make sure your home is as sealed as possible. Other termite control options include storing firewood or other dry wood at least 20 feet away from your home and make sure damp wood isn’t coming into contact with your home.
When all else fails, get exterminators in for the best pest control solutions and watch them work their magic! You’ll be pest free in no time flat, especially if you take preventive measures at home too!

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