How to Reduce Energy Consumption With Residential AC Repair

There is never a good time for the AC to go on the fritz and stop putting out cool, clean air. But the worst timing of all has to be in the middle of the hot summer months. When your AC is not working as it should or when the furnace is on the fritz, it is time to call the local air conditioning contractor experts to come and fix it.

This is often easier said than done because there are so many places to choose from. It can quickly become overwhelming trying to find the answer to the rather simple question of where can I find the best air conditioner services and affordable furnace repair near me?

Comparing local air conditioner control board price range, as well as the various services different contactors provide, can help you get an idea of what options are available in your area. Some places charge more for emergency service or after hours work and others offer flat rates no matter when you need to call them. Whether you need routine maintenance and cleaning, basics like air conditioner motor replacement, or a whole new system installation, a local heating and cooling expert can help you get the job done!

Leaky duct system

Air conditioning systems have become a standard feature in most residential properties. Like any other machine, these units will consumer large amounts of energy if in use for long periods of time and under stress from heavy usage. Unfortunately, people often underestimate the importance of maintaining air conditioners.

As summers have grown hotter, and homes have on average become larger, The cooling power needed to effect the temperature of a home has doubled between 1993 to 2005, and increased by another 20% by 2010. At this rate, the energy consumed by air conditioning will continue to increase, making proper personal AC maintenance or residential AC repair, with a focus on energy use, an important habit to get into.

It’s easy to sit in your living room and simply press a button to reach your desired temperature, but some extra measures taken to cool one’s home could have a huge affect on a home’s energy usage. Closing shades where the sun would normally shine through, or turning on ceiling or box fans to circulate air could significantly cut down your utilities bill.

Taking another leap to buy a new unit could also show a great improvement. Modern, high-efficiency air conditioners mixed with some other of these precautionary measures could reduce energy consumption anywhere from 20 to 50%.

Another good routine to get into is keeping an eye on the filter to avoid the buildup of grime that can not only constrict the air flow, causing the machine to work harder, but can also prove to be dangerous. Just between 2006 and 2010, faulty and poorly maintained air conditioners and fan equipment were responsible for 2,500 out of the 7,200 home structure fires. If you don’t believe that you will be punctual enough, or won’t have the ability to perform proper maintenance yourself, then don’t be afraid to use residential AC repair to take over those responsibilities.

Whether your main concern is reducing energy use, environmental conservation, or the safety of your family and home, steps should be taken to ensure the efficiency of air conditioning systems. Get in a routine of checking filters and energy use, or calling residential AC repair services, to get the most out of your cooling system.

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