Adding a Deck Can Increase the Resale Value of Your Home, But Skip The Kitchen Remodel


American homeowners who begin the process of selling their homes often find themselves wondering how to make their property stand out; Realtors often recommend painting key rooms and performing small repairs.

In a fast-paced real estate market, however, sellers may find themselves contemplating major renovations in an attempt to garner buyer attention. Performing major kitchen or bathroom remodeling projects can be tempting, but the possibility exists that buyers prefer to purchase properties that they can make over themselves.

Adding a deck or outdoor entertainment area to a home can be a positive and attractive selling point. Real estate experts often mention that a colorful and vibrant garden, outdoor wooden structures, and stone walls can add to a home’s resale value. Often referred to as hardscaping, stonework and wooden structures can help a homeowner attract attention online and can provide potential buyers with a sense of comfort before they open the front door.

While the financial return on renovations and upgrades tends to fall short of the initial investment, hardscaping projects like adding a deck typically return about four-fifths of the financial investment and labor costs. Sturdy front door and garage door replacements typically have a higher financial return: the high percentage of recycled steel in many commercially-available doors can provide buyers with a memorable and compelling selling point.

In general, shrub trimming and outdoor landscaping can boost the resale value of a residential property by up to 25%, experts note. Timing is key: landscaping in a state of disrepair can actively work against buyers’ willingness to commit to a mortgage. Ornamental iron and natural stone may not complement every buyer’s taste, but in a real estate market with a taste for luxury accents, finding the right combination of hardscaping and landscaping may win the sale in the end.

Property owners who are working within a limited time frame may want to upgrade their doors and hire landscapers to clear the rain gutters and trim the trees and shrubs in their yards. New doorknobs, professional window washing, and memorable landscaping can often inspire a higher asking price and spark a future owner’s imagination.

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