Choose Sturdy Elegance With Metal Doors and Windows

Thermally broken steel windows

Attention, architects! Are your clients looking for a particularly sleek or modern look for their new store or in their home? Or are they looking for a non-traditional type of window or door that is fire rated and still looks beautiful? Metal windows and doors can help you achieve that look. If your clients are skeptical, reassure them — it won’t look industrial or overly prison-like. New modern metal windows and doors can look elegant and refined, in addition to being fire-proof and very structurally sound. They might even run into fewer problems with upkeep using metal windows and doors.
I’m Intrigued, Tell Me More
Windows are generally steel framed windows, which gives the overall aesthetic a minimalist feel. They can come in cool grays, charcoal blacks, or slick silvers — and anywhere in between with a good coat of paint! They’ll make the windows themselves really pop and are very sturdy. The frame may also look lighter and you’ll have greater sight lines, since the metal can be very thin.
As far as metal doors go, they’re clearly very durable and provide extra security to your business or home. Like the windows, they can add a modern look to your business, especially if you choose a very neutral tone that can pop with decorations or well chosen plants. Both windows and doors have excellent fire ratings and can have an extra protective fire repellent layer added, which is especially important considering that in 2013, 1.2 million fires were reported.
You won’t have to worry about your windows or doors warping or splitting as the seasons change or if you have fluctuating precipitation and humidity levels. They also stay fresh looking longer, which may mean less upkeep or a longer time before you have to replace them. Choosing a metal windows or doors also doesn’t limit you in your options of style and design — there are many variations for you to choose from.
What Kinds Of Metal Windows Or Doors Are Out There?
Metal windows usually come in two different variations: hot rolled steel windows or cold rolled steel windows. Hot rolled steel windows offer narrow sight lines and are usually seen most in commercial buildings or very expensive residential buildings. Cold rolled steel windows are used when the client wants a slimmer or more medium sight line and a more contemporary look.
As far as doors go, steel and iron are common types of metal used for their construction. Some aluminum and composites can also be used, but many clients prefer the look of steel or iron.
What Should I Keep In Mind When Looking At Windows Or Doors?
You want to choose windows that will keep your home well insulated — between 15 to 25% of heat escapes through the windows in a home. Additionally, if you choose Energy Star certified windows, they may cost more upfront, but you could save anywhere from $126 to $465 every year. The investment is one that will eventually pay for itself over time.

Metal doors and windows are a great option to give to clients who are looking for a safe and edgy new feel in their business or home.

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