How Your Garage Can Increase Your Home’s Real Estate Value

Garage doors replacement

When selling your home, there are many aspects of the home that need to be attended to in order to get the best sale value possible. While kitchen renovations, bathrooms, and landscaping are often taken care of, minor details like garages are typically ignored. And it may surprise many homeowners to discover that garages are a very effective tool for increasing both real estate intrigue and value.
Did you know that having a garage can provide a home seller with a huge advantage. In a recent study conducted by Florida State University, researchers found that having a garage has a 13% influence on the monetary value of the home.
This increase in value is for two main reasons: functionality and aesthetic value. A beautiful garage can add an unspeakable kind of grandeur to any property.For houses in areas that have cold winter climates, garages are a huge asset, as they ensure that the homeowner doesn’t have to spend time digging their car out of the snow each morning. Additionally, garages work well for storage year-round.
But what happens if you have a garage and it’s just not functioning properly or you have an annoying, squeaky garage door? You have a potential means of increasing real-estate value with sizable obstacles in your way. Luckily, garage door repair companies are an easy solution to broken electric garage door motor issues. Whether major or minor, repairing a garage door will help to restore your home to its full value.
And if it’s not broken, why not make it better? Adding a garage door opener can be a luxury and a convenience that many potential buyers would love to utilize. Paired with a new garage, a garage door opener can offer a s much as 84% of return of investment for the homeowner.
So if you’re thinking about selling your house, don’t ignore the small details. They may help you cash in the most.

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