10 Ways to Protect Your Home

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With over 2,000,000 home break ins reported every year in the United States there is a need for upping your home security. That is one burglary every 13 seconds.

According to statistics about 30% of these break-ins burglars simply walking through an open or unlocked door or window

Thrives prefer easy access into the home and will not choose houses with metal windows and doors and such. They will usually target homes with escape routes and a lot of cover in the public eye. They will usually wait for the home to be unoccupied but if desperate enough they will enter even someone is home.

Here are some simple precautions you can take to avoid becoming a victim of a home break in.

  1. Security System

    Having a security system is very helpful. Home that do not have security systems or 300% more likely to be broken into than those that do.

  2. Prune the Garden

    Trees shrubs and bushes offer many places to hide before and after breaking in. If your vegetation is cut back the entry points to your house will be more visible to passersby making your home seem less attractive to thieves.

  3. Close the Blinds

    Investing in blinds that allow the sun to shine through without being see-through can be helpful because it will hide any items that may be tempting to a thief. Criminals have been known to choose houses depending on what they can see through the window.

  4. Do not Draw Attention

    If you purchase something new, try not to draw attention to the fact they either talking about it loudly with the neighbors or even getting rid of the empty boxes at your trash. Keep boxes for big or expensive items inside until you can take them to the dump or a recycle area.

  5. Motion Sensors

    Make sure that your home is well lit even during the night time so that it is obvious to neighbors and passersby if someone is attempting to enter your home. One of the best deterrence for crime is a motion sensor light. The sudden bright light can startle the intruder and also alert you or your neighbors or passersby that something is going on outside your house.

  6. Timers

    If you are going away on vacation or even will not be home for several hours, get timers to turn off and on lights, TV and radio so it appears that someone is at home st all times.

  7. Metal Windows and Doors

    When a locked door is used to break in it is usually kicked in, windows are usually broken. Having steel windows and doors or other type of metal window options can make it impossible for the entry points to be broken. Metal windows and doors do not have to look like you are purposely reinforcing your entry points but can have quite attractive finishes and detail while maintaining the integrity of the security.

  8. Deadbolts

    Every exterior door should have a deadbolt because these are much more difficult to get through. If you invested a deadbolt that is keyed on both sides even if a nearby window is broken the intruder will not be able to reach in and unlock the door from the inside.

  9. Be a Good Neighbor

    If you see something suspicious or someone acting strangely or watching a neighbors house, call 911 right away and let them know. Watch out for others and they will watch out for you. Knowing your neighbors is very helpful with keeping each other safe as you communicate with each other and let each other know when you will be out of town and what your schedules are. If you know enough people you can guarantee that someone will always be home in the neighborhood.

  10. Lock Your Doors

    This one seems simple compared to the other suggestions but it is nonetheless effective. You’d be surprised at how many people leave the home with everything unlocked assuming that nothing will go wrong even though it is the easiest and most effective form of security. It is not imperative to have metal windows and doors and security alarms in order to deter thieves. A simple house check to make sure everything is locked up can do wonders to keep your home protected.

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