Get Glam With Metal Windows In Your New Home

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Are you an architect looking for the next big building trend? Well, it may be easier than you think, especially if your clientele base is focused on modern and minimalist aesthetics. Residential metal windows are becoming more and more sought after, as a fire rated and unusual option for homes. Gone are the usage of metal windows for just prisons or warehouses! Instead, steel framed windows, such as hot rolled steel windows, will look refined and sleek in the home. They tend to require less upkeep and are incredibly durable. In very dry areas with fire risk, it may even be an extra bonus that these types of windows (and even doors) are fireproof and tested.
So What’s the Story?
Residential metal windows are usually made from steel, creating an elegant and sparse look. Your customers can soften the severity of the look with gentle curtains or window treatments, if they feel the windows are too much in some cases. Common colors used are silver, black, and gray — and are easily painted to reflect the homeowner’s aesthetic. The window frames are incredibly tough and durable and you’ll be able have more window and less frame, if you so choose. They also have fantastic ratings in terms of fire safety and you can add more fire retardant coatings. This is especially important in drought areas that are at high risk for fire — and since the number is growing from 2013, when over one million fires were reported.
Since the windows are metal, there’s no danger of them becoming warped or having insects burrow through them, like termites. Weather also won’t have much of an impact on how they look. Upkeep will most likely be minimal — in other words, your customers will have beautiful looking window frames for much longer, with less work. What a win-win!
What Are Metal Windows Made Of Specifically?
There are two main kinds of metal windows — hot rolled steeled windows and cold rolled steel windows. Unsurprisingly, hot rolled windows are rolled out at an extreme temperature. It’s usually used for larger sized projects and is often cheaper to buy than cold rolled steel. Cold rolled steel goes through the hot rolled process, but with some additional steps and can tolerate various dimensions and finishing.
Consider Energy Loss and Its Costs When Looking at Windows
Getting the right kind of windows can not only serve aesthetic value, it can also save consumers a significant amount of money. Between 15 and 22% of all heat escapes through the windows, so it’s important to have windows that are well insulated. Even though low e-coatings can cost more than regular windows, they can help cut down on energy loss by as much as 50%. Energy Star certified windows can save people anywhere from $126 to $465 every year — that’s quite a chunk of change!
Choosing the right kind of residential metal windows for your client’s home can provide them with both a distinguishing feature and add extra safety features as well. If you get smart insulated windows, you can also wind up saving them a bundle.

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