Three Reasons Why Your Windows May Need a Makeover

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Windows provide us with a look to the outdoors; this makes any home seem larger, more inviting, and warmer to guests and residents alike. At the same time, windows can also cause a number of issues from energy loss to security risks for homes. These are three reasons why homeowners should turn their attention to their windows.

Secure Options

Burglars and hurricanes have two things in common: their careless disregard for whatever may happen to stand in their way. Windows are often the weakest part of any home and can easily be destroyed. Upgrading to high-impact windows can protect homeowners from burglars and natural disasters as such windows are typically able to withstand category 5 conditions; many have been tested to withstand an attack from a 2×4 travelling as fast as 30 miles per hour. Even if the event that the glass is shattered, a tough inner layer can stop all but the most savage attacks on a home. Upgrading your windows and doors is an investment in one’s security and could be the best decision a homeowner could make.

Energy Saving Designs

Many homes end up paying more for their heating and cooling due to windows; up to 40% of a home’s energy losses may be due to windows. Redecorating with curtains and drapes can help trap hot or cool air inside a home while simultaneously deflecting UV rays. Energy-efficient window treatments can also negate a home’s energy losses significantly, especially during the summer months by reflecting the heat of the sun away from homes. By combining energy-efficient window options with blinds, curtains, or drapes, homeowners can significantly cut down on their energy loss no matter the season.

Home Renovations

Many of those looking to sell their home often have no choice but to turn to home improvement projects. Outdated decor and antiquated amenities can ruin a potential sale, yet home improvement is a risky endeavor as one cannot guarantee a return-on-investment for any project. Still, kitchen redesign is one of the most popular home improvement projects for home sellers. Kitchen window treatments are important because many families plan on spending a lot of time in a kitchen; redesigned kitchen window treatments can come in a variety of styles, including bay windows, garden windows, and modernized sink windows. For those looking for remodeling inspiration, it pays to have a view that compliments every room.

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