Be the Talk of the Neighborhood With a Great Lawn!

environmentally friendly lawnHomeowners have a lot to be mindful of: bills, maintenance, and a whole bevy of other household items. Among Americans, 83% think having a yard is important and the majority believe that maintaining that yard is essential. Organic lawn care is gaining popularity. There are many benefits of environmentally friendly lawn care. Here are just a few:

  1. Healthy Space for Pets — There are far too many non-natural lawn care providers that use all kinds of harsh chemicals on lawns. These chemicals can harm people and have an even greater chance of harming animals. Environmentally friendly lawn care will help your pets.
  2. Neighborhood Idol — Using safer lawn care tactics could encourage the rest of your neighbors to do the same. It will be hard for them to walk by your property and see a gorgeous, healthy, and green lawn and not want one of their own.
  3. Relaxation — As much as people obsess over shopping and trivial possessions, nearly 65% of people would be willing to pay more for property with good, green spaces, a number that’s 30% higher than the amount willing to pay more for properties near entertainment venues and shopping malls.
  4. Return on Investment — Landscaping is a big deal for real estate agents, as 97% of them recommend improving your landscaping. Homeowners can make over a 200% return on their investment by doing so.
  5. Gardening — The benefits of gardening can be quite obvious; tasty treats, healthy habits, fun activities, but one of the best reasons to garden is that it’s quite relaxing.
  6. Entertainer Extraordinaire — Having a healthy lawn will encourage you to get the most out of it. You’re going to want to spend as much time out there as possible. You’ll be throwing neighborhood parties, having cookouts, yard games, bonfires, and anything you can think of. After all, it’s your lawn! Natural lawncare will provide you with endless activities!
  7. Productive New Additions — Chances are, if you don’t care about your lawn, then it will just get worse over time. If you do, however, take pride in proper lawn care, you’re always going to want to improve. This will give you some time to be productive with your property, as any successful addition you add will improve the value of the home.

If you just leave your lawn alone and don’t care for it, it will just get worse and end up hurting you down the road. If youdo take care of it, you will be extremely happy, because of all the wonderful benefits environmentally friendly lawn care brings!

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