Top Landscaping Tips from the Pros

Being a homeowner is usually fantastic, but maintaining anything on your property can be hard work, especially your garden. People want to have a beautiful house, but not everyone is willing to put in the time. Fortunately, you can hire local landscaping services to design something that doesn’t require spending every weekend getting your hands dirty. These amazing tips will also help.

Residential and commercial landscaping may seem similar, but some buildings have different rules than suburban neighborhoods. Still, it’s best to have a landscaper with experience in both. What you need is mature landscaping because you won’t have to think about growing plants that require much more work than others. These suggestions from pros are meant to help you avoid too much labor.

Things get more complicated if you need acreage landscaping ideas. The size of your garden will determine the scope of the work and, ultimately, the price you pay for professional services. However, it’s often better to leave such a huge task to the experts. You may be able to get landscaping specials if you want regular garden maintenance from the same company. Let’s find out these landscaping tips from the pros so you won’t have to worry again.



Most Americans care about how the exterior of their home’s look. Good landscaping can raise a home’s value by at least 12% and add about 14% to its resale value. About 90% of all real estate agents advise their clients to focus on their home’s landscaping before they try to put their house on the market.

Top Tips from Professional Landscapers:

  1. Remember your yard needs to look good all year. When designing their yards, many people think only of one or two seasons. If you live in a climate with real seasons, you need to think about what plants stay green all year. Evergreens are perfect for this because they do stay green no matter what season it is. Your yard is the first thing people will see and does impact how they view your home.
  2. Think about how much work you want to do on your yard. If lawn care is not your thing and you are not willing to pay someone to come in and manage the upkeep of your yard, you should pick designs that require less work. Talk to your landscape service about what takes the least maintenance for your region of the country.
  3. Make sure the decorative pieces you add fit in with your yard. Fountains make really great additions to any lawn or garden but when you put one in, you will increase the bang for your buck by making it blend in with its surroundings. Adding natural stone or other natural looking materials will make the fountain look great. You should make sure that the other pieces and decorations you are are not too busy. You do not want your decorations to take the focus away from your main piece.
  4. Consider putting in a seating area. Many people consider and use their yards as additional rooms on their home. These areas can be great for entertaining neighbors, friends and family. These areas also add tremendously to your home’s resale value. This increases the amount of useable space in your home.
  5. Use a walkway to connect different parts of your yard. If you have more than one focal point in your yard, consider putting walkways to get from one to the other. Stone walkways add a lot of function and fun to your landscaping design. These can be made from decorative brick, stepping stones, crushed stones or something else entirely. Look at other walkways and think about how they would look at your house. Adding a light source to your walkways can be a great touch for how the yard looks at night. You can get lights that run on solar power that look great in the evening and at night.
  6. Add and maintain the trees in your yard. Studies show that looking at trees reduces a person’s stress level. If you put them in the right places, they can cut your energy bills by between 20 and 50%. Some estimate that each well maintained tree is worth about $525 and overall they add about 10% to your home’s value. Having a good tree service is not just good for the look of your home but for your wallet as well. Just make sure you keep your trees away from sewer lines and pipes.
  7. Mix and match different plants. When you have a lot of flowers that bloom all at the same time, you will have times when nothing is blooming. Try to have a mix of plants that look a little different from each other and have different schedules for blooming. One example is to have Morning Glories alongside Moon Flowers. One blooms in the early morning and the other at night. Adding a variety of plants to your landscaping makes it all look more interesting.
  8. Use curved lines. These can add a really nice dimension to your yard. Many people have a lot of straight lines and it can get boring but curved lines look more natural and less forced.

Many people think of their gardens and yards as being just as much a part of their homes as their bedrooms and living rooms. Many people enjoy gardening as a stress reliever, something that gets their mind off of their jobs. A nice garden can be a peaceful and fun escape place at your home.


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