6 Top Reasons to Consider Metal Roofing

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If you are replacing your roof, you should consider getting metal roofing. Metal roofing is not as common as asphalt, but it is very popular. Consider the benefits of aluminum roof vs shingles in your area. You might find that aluminum is affordable and durable enough to interest you. In this case, talk to roofing companies and see what they recommend. Many will be able to get materials from aluminum roofing manufacturers at a cheaper rate than you could yourself. So you should always work with a professional and trust their judgment.

If the price is an issue for you, look for the aluminum roof shingles cost online before asking for quotes from contractors. This will help you get an idea of what to expect. This number isn’t completely accurate, since there might be aluminum panels for sale or the prices could change overall. But it will give you a place to start as you plan your budget. A new roof is a big investment in your home. So, regardless of what type you choose, you want to make sure that you plan everything out beforehand.

Are considering replacing the house on your roof? Is that time? Do you want to stop dealing with roof maintenance? Most American homeowners traditionally spend between 1 and 4% of their home’s value on roof repair and maintenance. That adds up and as the home ages, those repair and maintenance costs just go up. Then there are steel roofing materials. Having a home or commercial roof covered in metal has a lot of benefits.

What are they?

Steel roofs will save you money on your fuel bills. Traditional shingled roofing attracts the heat from the sun in the summer and then actively loses it during the winter when it is needed. During the summer, most people have to run their expensive AC units all day. Racking up large bills. With steel roofing materials on your roof, the sun’s hot rays are reflected off therefore reducing the heat in your home. When these metal roofs are Energy Star, have been shown to lower the temperature by about 100 degrees Fahrenheit . Even a metal roof with less protection can lower the temperature by 12
degrees Fahrenheit.

Residential metal roofing is much better for the environment. Traditional roofing with shingles and asphalt end their lives in the landfills. This is never the case with steel roofing material. Between 25 and 50% of the metal roofing supplies are made from recycled materials. When the steel roof reaches the end of its long lifespan, it can all be reused again. Material in landfills is one of the worst things for global warming so if you care about that, residential metal roofing material may be the thing for you.

Go get a great return on investment. They look great. They can in an incredibly wide variety of colors, styles and shapes to add attractive value to just about any home and will complement any taste or style. They stay looking great. You do not have to maintain them. All this says is that the roof will all value to the home and make it easy to sell. People notice a well maintained home with a metal look.

They are great for safeguarding your home. A typical roof is subject to the forces of a bad storm. Most steel roofs have been tested to withstand winds that can reach 200 miles per hour.If you live in an area that was hit by Super Storm Sandy. That added protection would feel really good.

You can get your insurance premiums lowered. In keeping with their ability to keep you safe from the elements, they are protecting your entire home. From your foundation to you roof, homes with these kinds of roofs are safer and more sturdy. Insurance companies reward thing by giving people who own homes with metal roofs great discounts on their premiums. To put the damage estimates in perspective, flooding is one of the worst disasters in the country. It can cost about $2,386 to deal with, plus the standing water can cost about $2,688. Wind can set you as much as $10,000 (the reported average as been listed as $5,757. If your home is unlucky to have to deal with fire and the resulting smoke, that can cost $4,172.

They last much longer than traditional roofs. When you go with traditional roofs last about 10 to 20, When they are properly installed and maintained, your new steel roof can last between 50 and 100 years. The changes are the you will leave the house before the roof leaves it. That means this is one decision you can make and forget for at least a little.

Picking out the new roof for your home, your family and your situation is a big one. It should be on your home for a very long tome. Given that they are easy to keep up, last a long time, save money on your power bills, look great with any house , style and neighborhood, it is worth at least including then as you talk to different contractors in your area about steel roofing material. Talk to your insurance carrier about any discounts they may give you. Lastly, the fact the steel roofing can and has been recycled and have been is a big selling point for some.

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