4 Ways You Would Have Never Guessed that You Could Use Wood Pellets

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Biomass pellets, made from recycled materials like sawdust and recycled, compressed wood, are widely used in Europe’s energy sector, but have only recently gained ground in the United States.

Wood pellet mills create these small fire starters by putting the raw materials through a pellet press. Because the materials that go into the machines are sourced properly, the biomass pellets burn clean, controlling air quality and contributing to a more sustainable future.

Wood pellet machines aren’t just making the energy sector better, though. In fact, thre are plenty of uses for biomass wood pellets.

Here are some ways you would never think to use heating pellets:

  1. In the garden

    When the soil is dry in the spring after it’s lost a large amount of nutrients, ash from the pellets can be used to add natural nutrients to the soil. By doing this, the pellets decrease the amount of acidity in the soil if need be, and also can act as a slug and snail repellent.

    After heavy rain, however, more pellet ash will need to be reapplied. When doing so, it’s best to wear protective gloves and eyewear. Just because the pellets are made of natural material doen’t mean that there is no risks.
  2. To drive through snow

    For those with lighter cars or no four-wheel drive, tackling the winter snow can be dangerous and stressful. Instead of using cement blocks to weigh your car down in cold weather, try using some large bags of biomass pellets.

    In addition to weighing you down, the pellets also can provide good traction material. If you happen to get stuck on snow or ice, put a handful of pellets beneath your tire tracks. Adding some treading to a sick surface will keep you from spinning your tires and risk hurting yourself or your vehicle.
  3. For kitty litter

    Grainy kitty litter can easily get all over your floor when your cat gets out of its box, but pellets are large enough that they won’t get stuck on any paws and be tracked around.
    When the pellets absorb moisture, they return to their natural state and become saw dust. Once they do this, it is easy to determine the wasteful pellets from the intact ones. All dry pellets can continue to be used for multiple uses by your cat.
  4. For livestock bedding

    Hay, straw, or wood shavings are often used as bedding for horses, cows, pigs, and more. Bedding doesn’t r mean that the animal needs a comfortable place to sleep, but more of a living space. Bedding is meant to soak up feces, urine, and other moisture to prevent messes to be made on the barn stall florr.

    It takes up a lot of space to store bales of hay or other large materials, while a few large bags of biomass wood pellets can be just as efficient in soaking up messes and making clean-up easier.

    Like the kitty litter, these pellets can be cleaned up once they’ve turned to saw dust. This way, you won’t have to waste so much bedding material at once during the cleaning process.

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