Things You Should Never Forget if a Tornado Strikes

Above ground storm shelters

Weather and storms can be incredibly unpredictable, which is why it’s important to be prepared before the fact. However, when tornadoes strike, you need to make sure you’ve been thoroughly informed.
These events are some of the most devastating in the natural world, and can seriously harm you if you’re not informed and prepared. So before you take a walk down tornado alley, here’s what you need to know about these crazy storms.
Know Your Safe Places
Fortunately, most people who live in areas that are often affected by tornadoes have safe places already in mind. Tornado safe rooms and storm shelters are incredibly popular and important to the safety of countless people who live in frequently affected areas. So wherever you are, make sure you know where there’s a tornado safe room or some other kind of tornado shelter to ride out the storm in.
Get Underground
While there are above ground storm shelters, the vast majority of experts agree that the best place to be during a tornado is underground and away from any windows. Tornadoes are extremely powerful forces that can rip homes from their foundations. Underground is definitely the best place to be.
Don’t Leave Your Home and Try to Drive Away
Once a tornado touches down, it is extremely unpredictable. It’s for that exact reason that you should never try to leave your home during one of these events. If anything, you’re only increasing the chances that you’ll be seriously injured. It’s much easier for a tornado to lift up a car than it is for a tornado to lift up a house.
Take Your Pets With You
If you have any pets, it’s essential that they come with you, wherever you go. Keep them in a harness or in a carrier and keep them close to ensure that they don’t wander off or sustain any injuries during the storm. The safest place for your fury friends to be is right by your side in the storm shelter.
Tornadoes are nothing to sneeze at. They’re incredibly dangerous and warrant being informed and prepared.

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