Homes With Older Sewer Systems Could Be Putting Everyone’s Health at Risk

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Is your home’s sewer system acting up again? If you feel like clogged toilets are becoming the norm at home or if you feel like you never stop drain cleaning, you may want to contact your local rooter service and talk about sewer line repair. There are several ways to tell if your sewer line needs to be repaired, and there is new, non-invasive, sewer repair technology available to both home and business owners. There’s no reason to put up with a broken sewer system for very long. If the taste of your home’s water suddenly changes, or if you notice a soggy patch in your yard, you should contact a contractor immediately.

If you have a basement that keeps getting puddles of water in the corners or through cracks on the floor, you could have a sewer problem. Sewer line repair experts often say that homeowners can use their noses to tell if they have a backed up sewer. If your basement has a strong odor, then chances are that you could benefit from sewer line repair. The problem that many homeowners face is that the initial home inspection is not usually required to report on the condition of the sewer line that connects their home to the city’s water and sewer lines. You could have a broken sewer line to a relatively new home and not become aware of it until after you purchase your home.

Several major American cities recently made the news, and homeowners were shocked to find out that they were paying for sewer and water service that used lead as a joining material. In addition to lead, many cities’ sewer lines are coursing through pipes that are made of clay or steel that has given over to corrosion. It’s a good idea to perform a water quality check — and a soil check — in advance of purchasing a new home. The average home only stays on the market for a few weeks, but it’s better to spend the money for the test than to be stuck with lead in your water supply. If you have the need for sewer line repair, contact a clogged drain service company and see what they have to say about your pipes.

What contractors do nowadays is snake a video camera through your water or sewer system first, so that they can assess the extent of the needed repairs. Once they have a sense of how extensive the damage is, they can actually make repairs with only a minimal need for digging. Newer technology allows them to install an entire water, sewer, or gas system within the existing pipes: the pipes solidify in place and are watertight. If there is a crack in your sewer system, the new plastic pipes will not be affected. Homeowners should be aware that they may have to make extensive repairs on homes with older sewer systems. If you notice a funny taste to your water, call a local contractor right away. They can perform tests on your water supply.

Do a visual check of your sewer lines at least twice a year: is the ground next to your sewer pipes full of water? You could need to have the lines repaired. If your toilet makes an odd bubbling sound or if the water does not always return to the same level, you could also take that as an indication that something needs to be fixed in your sewer system. Experts also recommend that if you have rust-colored water coming from any sink in your home — even in the basement — that you have your pipes checked immediately. Most homeowners do not realize that, in addition to toxic leakage from their sewer pipes, they could be putting their families at risk from lead and other heavy metals in the water. Local contractors want homeowners to know that they can perform repairs more quickly and with less digging than ever before.

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