Effective Ways to Keep Pests From Terrorizing Your Home This Winter

Pest Control ServiceYou might have thought your pest problems were over when the leaves started to fall, but the upsetting truth is that pests can be a nuisance throughout the year, even during the winter.

If you’re afraid of pests in your home this season, here are a few effective tips to help you deal with them before they even get a chance to wreak havoc on your cozy winter paradise.

Keep Food in Sturdy Storage Containers

Boxes and bags just aren’t enough to keep pests under control. Critters like mice, rats, and even some varieties of bugs will make their way into plastic food storage bags and cardboard boxes without much of an issue. The only surefire way to make sure your food stays safe and uncontaminated is to keep it in hard plastic storage containers or glass jars.

Keep Your Garbage Secured

Notice any bite marks on your outdoor garbage bins? Messes of trash in the driveway before garbage day? Squirrels and raccoons are quite clever, which means they can easily make a mess of your trash bins if they’re not properly secured. Locked garbage bins are a form of natural pest control that prevent your garbage being raided — and the local wildlife from getting hurt.

Clean Your Home

A clean house is a happy, pest-free house. Most pest issues are a result of dirty, crumb-riddled floors and dusty carpets. However, water is another issue to consider, even if your floors are spic-and-span. A cockroach can survive one whole month without food, but only a week without water. IF there are any leaky places in your home, have them fixed immediately to prevent pests from moving in.

Call Your Local Pest Control Services

The best defense against pests is a good offense. Before any of these bugs can invade your home, have it inspected for signs of damage. A local pest control company can perform an inspection and treat any problem spots you might not have noticed in your home.

Before you rule out pests as a winter issue, make sure you take all of these tips into account, especially calling pest control services. They very well could mean the difference between a pest-free winter and a home invasion for the ages.

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