Home Heating Energy Efficiency Tips

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Heating and cooling companies are dedicated to the efficient and safe use of energy in our homes. That starts with an awareness of issues related to residential HVAC products and services, such as energy conservation. Did you know that heating and cooling costs are the largest energy expense for most homes? According to the U.S. Department of Energy, heating and cooling your home make up about 56 percent of the average monthly utility costs, with the average American home spending almost 3% of their income on energy bills.

Along with the personal financial savings, there are other reasons to pay attention to energy conservation practices at home. Electricity comes from natural resources, the use of which is limited, and the processing of which has negative long term environmental effects.
With these things in mind, it is safe to assume that everyone wants to save money on their home energy costs, and is interested in some simple tips for more energy efficient homes.

Before installing, upgrading, or maintaining your heating system, improve the efficiency of the space to be heated. There is no little point in maximizing the heat and cooling equipment?s output, if that warm or cold air is leaking out of the house.

The single most important thing you can do is to refresh or replace insulation as needed. Insulation doesn?t last forever; it breaks down and needs to be maintained every few years. You might also consider areas that can be temporarily insulated during cold months. For example, a lack of adequate attic insulation, adds up to 20 percent to home heating costs.

Second, check and, if necessary, replace the weatherstripping around all the doors in the home. This simple task can save hundreds in heating and air conditioning expenses.

Next, check the windows to see if there are gaps in the sealing. Add caulk as needed, or remove old caulking and replace it. Another great idea for winter is to add drapes to help insulate window areas, and rugs to line wood, tile, or linoleum floors.

Does the home have a fireplace? If so, be sure it is clean, securely installed, and that the flue closes all the way. If it has glass doors, be sure they close tightly and don?t allow any air to escape.

Once your home is weatherproofed, you can turn your attention to the heating and cooling system.

Studies have shown that improper equipment installation could decrease your home?s heating and cooling efficiency by 30 percent. While there are many small things you can do yourself to ensure better home energy use, this is one area in which homeowners rely on heating and cooling companies for expertise and service.

In the autumn, many homeowners turn their attention to winterizing their homes, or getting them ready to withstand cold temperatures. Come the colder months, the most loved appliance in the home is the heating system. Before the low temperatures begin, it is advised to have a home heating and cooling system inspected and maintained so that emergency HVAC service isn?t needed during coldest night of the year.

Heating and cooling companies know the best practices and safest methods of working with all different types of heating systems, from replacing or cleaning air filters, to duct sealing, to gas furnace service, electric heating and boiler systems. They also perform whole home assessments and make further recommendations for reducing energy waste, conserving resources, and making your home safer and more comfortable, while keeping utility bills manageable throughout the extreme-weather months.

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