Invest in Your Home with Energy-Efficient Features

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If you would like to have an energy efficient home, there are several steps you can take to accomplish this. While you may only need a few simple home upgrades, it’s possible that you may need some major renovations. In addition to having energy efficient doors and windows installed, your contractor may also recommend vinyl siding installation.

You may be aware that vinyl siding is 25% less expensive than wood, and is also weather resistant. When properly installed, most siding can handle heavy winds up to 110 miles per hour. Beginning in 2014, vinyl became the most common exterior wall material used for houses, according to the Census Bureau’s Survey of Construction and NAHB analysis data.

There are a variety of reasons why a home may not be as energy efficient as it could be. According to the U.S. Department of Energy, for example, a household’s energy bills may be 25% higher due to issues with these fixtures:

    Leaky windows
    Inefficient windows
    Glazed doors

Windows should be replaced approximately every 20 years, according to most manufacturers. When windows aren’t in good shape, it affects their efficiency. One of more of the following issues may be reducing your energy efficiency:

    The windows are sealed and/or painted shut.
    The windows don’t block drafts.
    The window panes collect condensation, ice and/or frost.

If issues with your windows make a negative impact on your energy efficiency, you may want to consider one or more cost-saving features. Your energy bills may be reduced by up to 15% when you purchase windows that have one or more of these features:

    Double-pane insulated glass
    Heat-resistant coatings
    Air-tight frames
    Energy Star ratings

Another benefit to having double-pane windows, for example, is that they also reduce noise pollution. The amount of noise reduction can be further increased with wider air spaces and thicker glass.

It’s important to add that while skylights can reduce energy efficiency, when properly installed and maintained, they can also increase energy efficiency. This is because they are able to provide 30% more light than the same-sized vertical windows.

Whether you’re currently in the process of choosing different types of windows to increase your home’s energy efficiency or having weather resistant siding added to your walls, these upgrades will increase your home’s value. Furthermore, you will also be more comfortable throughout the year.

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