Why Party Planners Prefer Renting Supplies To Buying Them

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Throwing a party should be fun — but as many party planners will tell you, the reality is that there’s a big difference between attending a party and putting it on. For a lot of people, planning an event is not only stressful in general; it can also get rather expensive. If you’re on a limited budget, you probably can’t afford to buy all of the equipment and supplies necessary for a party. For that matter, there’s no sense in buying a lot of the things you’ll need for a party. Chances are that you’ll only use it once, meaning that you’ve made a big investment for practically nothing. This is why a lot of equipment rental companies now offer party supplies as well as more practical things like rental tools. People have long been able to rent things like scaffolding and compaction equipment — but in this day and age, these same companies now offer outdoor party rentals as well. Equipment rental companies can be lifesavers for those planning parties, especially if you’ve never planned a major event before. Not only do they have the supplies you need — they can also guide you in choosing the right items for your specific party. Below, we’ll look into what you should expect when planning a party, and what you should look into renting.

Practicalities: Renting What You Need

Before you start discussing fun items with equipment rental companies, you should first secure the items that you absolutely need. Before doing so, you’ll need a complete guest list. Don’t rent any items before getting your RSVPs, and even then you should keep in mind that a few people might show up without letting you know beforehand. As irritating as this is, it means that you’ll want to rent a few extra items just in case. One major event that often requires rental supplies is the classic wedding. An estimated 35% of weddings are now outdoors events. They typically will require a tent, tables, and chairs, all of which can be rented from many equipment rental companies. Of course, many outdoors events need similar items; at the end of the day, there isn’t much of a difference between planning a major outdoor event, and planning an outdoor wedding. It’s estimated that 67% of people accept invitations to outdoor events like barbecues and other large celebrations. Clearly, there’s something impressive about a major outdoor party — but it does require more supplies than an indoor event would. Keep this in mind as you rent everything from tables to chairs, and perhaps even a stage.

The Fun Of The Party: Extra Items

There are some things that you need, and some things that you’ll simply want for your party. For example, lots of parties now have bouncy castles. The great thing about a bouncy castle is that it keeps kids entertained while the adults socialize. It also keeps them occupied in an active way — keeping them off electronic devices, which many parents appreciate. These are surprisingly easy to set up. Usually, a bouncy castle take just 15 to 20 minutes to set up, and five minutes to fully inflate. Of course, you need to be careful with these types of supplies. It’s recommended that no more than 12 children use a 15 x 15 foot inflatable, like a bouncy castle, at a time. There are other items for rent that can be fun, including slides and chocolate fondue towers; be ready to get creative!

What Is The Value In Renting Versus Buying?

As previously mentioned, when you buy these types of supplies you’ll usually only use them once and then be done with them. This can lead to a loss of money. By renting, you get a better value in many ways, and the cost of renting is immediately less pricy in most cases. In fact, rental chairs can start for as low as $2 apiece or less. Really — why buy when you can rent?

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