What’s Trendy Now, Framed or Unframed Kitchen Cabinets?

Did you know that there might not be a more important room than the kitchen? Not only is it a place where you can craft fine cuisine, but it’s also where many families spend much of their time together. Dinner over a great meal is a great way to bring people together. A nice kitchen also adds value to the home because prospective home buyers are well aware of how important the kitchen is. If you want the perfect cabinets, counters, floors, and whatever else, you should consider hiring a professional kitchen remodeler.

A professional kitchen remodeling contractor can explain how to find kitchen cabinet manufacturer firms that produce the best possible products. They can also outline the differences between various appliances, such as gas versus electric stoves. When it comes to cabinet packaging, the right choices can make a big difference. Professional kitchen design firms can also help you create an environment that is welcoming.

The right kitchen cabinet leads to a kitchen that will stand out to family and friends. The best cabinets also make it simple to keep things organized. If you’re looking for perfect cabinets or whatever else, it’s smart to shop around and explore your options.

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Do you like your current kitchen? No home is perfect, therefore no room will ever be exactly as we imagine in our wildest homeowner dreams. So whether they are nearly perfect or in need of some improvement, our kitchens should fit into our homes and lifestyles with ease and hopefully some degree of style.

Modern kitchen design favors an open plan layout. This means that the kitchen area is easily visible from most other areas of the house. A plan like this allows for a parent to keep an eye on the kids when making dinner, or for a host to still visit with guests while the meal finishes cooking. The downside to this is perhaps that how messy or disorganized a kitchen may be is on display at all times. Some home cooks dislike the constant visibility.

While you probably cannot fix the open kitchen floor plan in your home, it is possible to make adjustments to design features. A popular choice is the kitchen cabinets. As the design feature with the most surface space, outdated cabinets have the potential to bring about the biggest change in a kitchen.

Here are some numbers on modern kitchen cabinets. Homes that remodel some part of their kitchen generally see an 82.7% return on investment when it comes time to sell their home. Additionally, the average homeowner remodeling the kitchen allocates as much as 35% of the total budget just towards the cabinets. That’s a lot of pressure to choose the right cabinets.

Kitchen cabinets can be made from a variety of materials, with different stains, finishes, and designs. Cabinets, due to covering such a large surface area and hanging at eye level, can really make or break the design of a kitchen. But have you considered the construction of the actual cabinet? There are two different ways of hanging: by the Eurpoean kitchen cabinets or unframed method, or by the framed method.

While they are referred to as the Eurpoean kitchen cabinets, they are actually becoming more popular in the U.S. as contemporary kitchen cabinets. It has to do with the design, with the way the hinges attach. In a framed cabinet, there is a piece of material very much like a picture frame attached to the front. The door hinges and by extension the door attach to this frame. In the Eurpoean kitchen cabinets, the hinges attach instead to the inside wall of the cabinet. Both types have their benefits. The framed cabinet is sturdier, but the unframed allows for more space without the extra inch or two of material in the front.

Now, some homeowners may be wondering if it is wiser to choose the more old fashioned framed cabinets, or the more modern unframed ones. Home remodeling experts on HGTV agree, that it is actually up to you and your comfort. If you do not plan to move within the next five years, make upgrades based on your preferences, not what you imagine a prospective homeowner may want.


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