Why Pest Control and Skunk Removal Are Best Left to Professionals

Local pest control service

As summer approaches, it’s time for all stinging insects, like wasps and hornets to make their appearance. Their presence can be much more than an annoyance. Having a wasp or hornets nest near your house can be a danger for your family and visitors. Like all kinds of pest control, such as skunk removal and rodent exclusion, it’s best to have professional wildlife control specialists deal with the problem.

Humane solutions for wildlife problems
Suburban and urban wildlife problems and animal control can take many different forms. There are the ubiquitous rats and mice, who can get into basements, attics, and even behind walls. Birds and squirrels and sometimes even raccoons can get into attics, believing them to be a good place to raise a family.
There are humane solutions for such problems, such as humane trapping and animal exclusion barriers. However, these are best left to professionals. Homeowners who try to trap and remove wildlife by themselves risk injury to themselves and the animals. They may also not know of a secure area in which to release the wildlife.

Professional services for pest control
For certain kinds of pest control problems, like wasps nests or skunk removal, it takes a trained professional to deal with the problems. The dangers of multiple stings or a strong spray of skunk “perfume” should deter homeowners from trying to handle these on their own.

  • Skunks
    How can you tell if you have skunks around your house? You might see small, cone shaped holes in the lawn, or skunk tracks with five toes and visible claws. And if you have dogs, and they encounter any skunks, chances are that the smell will be the clearest indication.
    Skunks can shoot their foul smelling defense mechanism as far away as 10 feet. Their defense mechanism is also triggered when they are alarmed, which is why it is never a good idea to try and trap them. Skunk removal is best left to those who know what they are doing.

  • Wasps
    Wasps are attracted by overhanging eaves, which is why they often tend to build their nests on houses. If the nest is close to a door or window, the chances of a painful encounter are greatly increased. Over time, wasps may eat through the siding and even enter the house.
    Wasp stings are painful, though the effect tends to wear off after about 24 hours. For a small minority of people who are allergic, wasp stings may lead to fatal anaphylactic shock.

Licensed pest control operators know how to remove stinging insects safely and professionally. They also handle animal control problems like skunk removal, animal proofing homes from basements to decks to chimneys, and other preventative measures.

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