Boiler Repair Is It Time For a New Boiler?

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Nearly 75% of calls made to boiler repairs during the winter, according to some HVAC experts, are due to a lack of maintenance in regards to a home owner’s boiler. But how do you know when it?s time to repair your boiler before it bites the dust when you need it most?

Consider the age of your boiler

Boilers can last anywhere between 15 to 30 years. To guarantee your boiler lasts longer than 15 years, make sure you?re utilizing boiler repair and newer technology to keep your boiler up to date.

Is your boiler making sounds that are out of the ordinary?

Another sign of needed boiler repair is when your boiler begins to make noises it doesn?t usually make. Your boiler typically makes sounds when it?s heating up, but when your boiler begins to make whirring sounds, which may indicate a tear in the fan, it may be time to consider boiler repair or a new boiler installation in order to ensure your safety. In any case, if you hear strange sounds coming from your boiler be sure to call a professional.

Is it taking longer for your house to warm up?

Another sign of needed boiler repair is when your usually energy efficient house suddenly becomes less energy efficient, that is when your house suddenly requires a lot more heat in order to keep it warm. Despite the fact that 25% of a usual home?s heat is lost due to holes and cracks in the walls and flooring, a lack of heat in the home may also be the cause of your boiler, especially if your radiators and furnace are working correctly.

Does your boiler smell?

A sign boilers need to be replaced immediately for the safety of you and your home is if they give off a strange smell, which may very well be carbon monoxide, while exhibiting dark marks around the surface. If this is the case with your boiler, its condition may be dangerous. Contact a professional immediately.

Is my boiler beyond repair?

Boilers that have been installed for less than 15 years and more likely to simply need a repair such as a new fan or pump. If you?re noticing small faults in your boiler, consider calling a professional for an upgrade. However, if your boiler is over the age of 15 and the cost of maintaining its repairs are on the rise without any sign of improvement, it may not be boiler repair that?s required, but new boiler installation.

To save money and to ensure your house remains energy efficient, contact a professional before making any decisions about your boiler.

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