Three Tips for Finding an Air Conditioning Company You Can Trust

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All air conditioning companies are the same, right? You’ll probably have to pay an arm and a leg for your service, but that’s only because AC repair services are expensive, not because any specific air conditioning companies are better or worse than the other air conditioning companies you have to choose from, right?

If this is your attitude towards air conditioning companies, you are wrong on all levels. It is true that your air conditioning repairs might be one of the pricier maintenance chores in your household, but a lot depends directly on the air conditioning company you use. We aren’t suggesting you should just go with the lowest quote you get; in fact, we’re saying the opposite! When you use unqualified AC repair services who do shoddy work, the repairs are unreliable and you’ll have to spend more money getting it fixed down the road. Not to mention that your air conditioning is the biggest user of energy in your household. If you use an AC repairman who doesn’t care (or have the skills) to get your AC running at peak efficiency, you’re basically burning money away every time you turn it on.

To help you avoid these common pitfalls, we’ve put together a list of what to look for in an air conditioning company:

Three Tips for Finding an Air Conditioning Company You Can Trust

  1. Look for Experience

    You’re going to read about how important it is to read up on the reputation of the AC service you’re considering before you hire them in a minute. However, unfortunately, the less-than-savory of AC repair companies have been known to provide terrible service (maybe if law-breaking issues, such as falsifying their credentials and then abandoning clients after they’ve totally messed up), and then when they’ve gotten a terrible reputation with the Better Business Bureau and their local licensing agencies, and even on customer review sites, they close up shop, and reopen with a new business name, tricking clients who are none-the-wiser that they should steer clear.

    You can avoid this by only looking for AC repair services who have been in business for years and years, and maintained a good reputation all the while. While a company’s tumultuous reputation can be erased this way, it also resets the clock on their years of experience.

  2. Customer Service Matters

    If you have any questions or issues with the air conditioning repair service you receive, will anyone be around to address your concerns and ensure that you are satisfied with the service you received.

    Before choosing an air conditioning repair service, make sure to pay attention to the kind of customer service you get. Call and ask a few questions, and then call again and ask someone else the same questions. Do you get consistent answers? If the person you talk to doesn’t readily have an answer, do they take the time to get accurate information, or do they just spout off whatever they think you want to hear to get your money? Do the staff members you talk to seem interested in your satisfaction? You are far better off answering these questions before you hire a service than after!

  3. Research Reputation
    Save yourself the nightmare of spending boatloads of money on a repair service who does a poor job by avoiding the services who have done that to other people. Before you hire an air conditioning repair service, do some research on what other clients are saying about them.

    Make sure to read the score that the Better Business Bureau has for the service you’re considering. Check with your local contractor licensing companies and make sure there are no open claims or investigations against them. Check out websites that allow clients to leave reviews of services like this. Some clients are impossible to please, so one or two negative reviews shouldn’t be a deal-breaker. However, if you see the same complaint over and over, it’s a good indication that you should keep looking. A good company will have a general theme that makes you feel confident about the quality of their AC service.

We want to hear what you think! Do you have any other questions or comments about finding the right air conditioning repair service? Please share your input in the comment section below!

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