Is it Time to Replace Your Home’s Roof?

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Is it time to replace your roof? It can be difficult to identify when it is time for a full roof replacement. You have probably made repairs, upgrades, or even installed a new roof over top of the old one. However, even with repairs, roofs require full replacements every 10 to 40 years. With such a large span of years, how can you know when it is time to fully replace your roof?

Length of time since last install
One way to gauge when it is time to fully replace a roof is by paying attention to time. How long has it been since your original roof was installed? It is possible that you do not have this information, as most people purchase homes with previous owners. You can still obtain this information by looking at your purchase papers or working with roofing companies who can establish an estimated time range. Most roofing contractors or roofing companies can look at different factors of the roof and give a close estimation.

Type of material
The type of material of your roofing will also play into the amount of time it will last. Some residential roofing materials, like steel or asphalt last much longer. As you choose the material of your new roof, you will also want to consider its longevity. In a consumer survey, durability was identified as the number one factor when determining which new roof to purchase (88%), followed closely by longevity (83%). Work with your local roofing companies on choosing a roof material that will last for a long time.

The overall look of your roof
Your house?s roof is a part of your curb appeal. The roof generally represents about 40% of the visual exterior of a typical home and therefore plays an important role in its overall aesthetics. If your roof is damaged, contains cracks, or is fading, you might consider a full replacement. Additionally, many factors that cause a roof to look less than appealing are actually bad for the condition of the house. Fading of the roof, for example, means that the roof has taken a lot of damage and could also be damaged underneath.

If your utility bills are high
Your roof plays a huge part in your home?s utility bills. Many homeowners remember to close the windows and shut the doors when the AC or heat is running, but do not realize that the largest portion of these properties exit through the roof. As the roof begins to break down, it does not keep outside temperature properties out the same. It is also possible that your current roof is made out of poor roofing materials that do little for temperature control. Many of today?s roofs are now made with more energy efficient materials, like metal. Simply choosing the right roofing material could result in as much as a 30% decrease in your home?s energy needs.

If you are selling your home
Replacing a roof is expensive. Selling your home with an older roof will often significantly reduce your selling price. Potential home buyers are going to look at the upcoming roof replacement project as a negative and will offer even less. However, when you market a brand new roof, you can usually increase your selling price. In some cases, you might even be able to recoup the cost of the roof in the added selling price. A new asphalt shingle roof has an ROI of about 62%. Work with local roofing companies on choosing roof materials that are selling in the market today.

Do you know when it is time to replace your roof? Are you even aware of when your roof was initially installed? If you don?t, you are not alone. Many homeowners are completely unaware of the time length of their roofs and simply make repairs when they are needed. You can evaluate your new roof needs by looking at its year of installation, the type of materials used, and its overall curb appeal. You may also consider a new roof if you are planning on selling in the near future. Choose an experience roofing contractor to choose the best and most lasting materials.

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